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The website is registering all types of vaccines for the corona virus. They have taken exceptional initiatives so that the people of the country can get vaccinated against the corona virus through online registration. Therefore, every citizen should not be vaccinated against the virus. For that, you have to register online on the security website.

After registering online through the safety website, go to the nearest vaccination center and get the vaccine and after receiving the vaccine, you will get all the information through this post, including downloading the vaccine card from online. So read this post as a conscious citizen and if you are over 18 years old then get vaccinated against corona virus through online registration. And for those who have already been vaccinated, collect the vaccine card online.

The country has come to a standstill due to the current Corona situation. Shortly afterwards, he announced a funeral lockdown to bring the coronavirus under control. But people are taking to the streets without caring about all these lockdowns and the number of patients with corona virus is increasing day by day.

The number of deaths has increased a lot. Every conscious citizen should be vaccinated against the corona virus and stay safe. The coronavirus vaccine will keep us safe as well as other members of our family. So get the corona vaccine completely free at this appropriate time and get well.

With the introduction of corona virus vaccine in Bangladesh, many people have a negative attitude towards the vaccine. At first, many were reluctant to be vaccinated against the corona virus. But today’s people have gained confidence in the coronavirus vaccine and everyone in the group is receiving the corona virus vaccine.

So if you have not yet been vaccinated against the Kauna virus, register for the vaccine. Initially, people over the age of 40 were vaccinated against the corona virus. This period was later reduced to 25 years. As a result, many people in Bangladesh are able to get vaccinated against coronavirus.

According to the specific announcement, the vaccination of corona virus was supposed to be done in public from the 7th, but it was postponed to the 14th. This measure has been taken due to the scarcity of ticks. Therefore, all citizens above the age of 18 can be vaccinated against the corona virus as soon as a sufficient amount of vaccine is available. So if you are older than the province, you still have the opportunity to go to the protection website and register for the corona virus vaccine. And if you are over 18 years of age, wait for the mass coronavirus vaccine to be given.

You need to access the protection website to get the corona virus vaccine. After visiting the web site you click on the registration option for the ticker. Then you go to the next room with the National ID card number. Go there and provide your date of birth and phone number. Go to the next room and mark yes or no to see if you have any of the following diseases.

Go to the next room and you will get an OTP number on your phone. Putting that number in the empty cell. This is how you register for the corona virus vaccine. Then you have to collect the vaccine card from there. To collect the vaccine card you click on the “Collect vaccine card” box. From there you can download the vaccine card pdf file and print it through the printer.

Then get the corona virus vaccine from the location you provided. However, the SMS on your phone will actually get you vaccinated. In this way, if you take two vaccines in a row, your vaccination work will be over. You will then be able to collect the vaccine card again from the security website with your National ID card number. Remember that this vaccine card is very important for outdoor travel.

The government will lift the lockdown after a certain period of time and then people will be able to move freely from one place to another. In that case a person has to show the vaccine card to go out. So those who are still neglecting should not neglect the vaccine of corona virus in time and stay healthy.

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