www nu.ac.bd admissions 1st Merit List Honours Admission Result 2021-22

www nu.ac.bd admissions 1st Merit List Honours Admission Result 2022-23

If you have applied online for admission in the first year of graduation in any of the colleges of the National University, then you will be happy to know that the results of your application have been published.

First you submit the application form to your respective college or the college you have decided to enroll in, then your application is recorded on the website and the college authorities evaluate it and prepare the results based on the results of the students who have achieved CGPA. The results of the first merit list were released today.



Those of you who wanted to get these results by participating in the 2023 National University Admission Program can check the results today and the correct rules for checking the results will be discussed on our website today. For your convenience, we will discuss the rules for viewing results on our website so that you can be absolutely sure of seeing these results.

https://www.nu.ac.bd/admissions Result 2023

Moreover, after seeing the results, when you have the opportunity to get admission in the first year of graduation in the college of your choice, you have to fill the final admission form and confirm the admission. Therefore, we will give you all the information about the details of the admission process and by participating in the admission test, when you follow all the procedures to complete the undergraduate courses of some colleges of the National University.


So first of all you have to look at the results and for now the results are going to be seen through SMS. In case of writing SMS, just write nu <space> athn <space> roll no sms and send this written sms to 16222 with admission roll number instead of roll number. Instead of deducting the prescribed amount, you will get an SMS reply on your phone and from there you will be able to see your results.

ইউজার আইডি ব্যবহার করে রেজাল্ট দেখুন

And if you want to see the results by checking the website and there is no problem in checking the results on the website then I will tell you that viewing the results for free is the only way from where you can show the results as well as fill the final admission form. So to check the website and show the results, the website you need to enter is www.nu.ac.bd/admissions.

NU Admission Result 2023

After entering here, you can enter your admission roll number and other information, then click on the submit button and see the result of the first merit list. If you are interested in reading that subject after seeing the first merit list result, then you have to fill the admission form or if you don’t want to read this subject then you have to click yes option to change the subject for migration.

However, look at the results and make sure that you follow all the steps to get admitted in your undergraduate course.