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The 45th Central Qaumi Examination has been held in 2023 and the work of evaluating the answer scripts has been going on since this examination was held. Those of you who have been waiting for this result will get the idea of ​​the official website from our website today and will be able to know what kind of work is being done on the office website.

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There are many students who do not know the official website and cannot see the results by entering the official website to view the results. For their convenience, today we will discuss on our website the rules for viewing the results of the 45th Central Committee i.e. the 45th examination of BEFAC on our website.

If you think that looking at the results of this test is important for you and you are waiting for this result then the rules of looking at the results will be discussed here in a very simple way. Moreover, since many people do not know how to do it by entering the official website, I will explain here every step of looking at the results and how to fulfill each option.

The 45th Central Examination of Befaq was held from 9th March to 16th March, 2023. This test is taken in all the Qawmi Madrasa educational institutions across the country. Candidates participate in their respective test centers and this test is taken by both boys and girls.

This test is taken following the same routine for boys and girls. Students Sanjiaulka, Mutawassitah and Ibtidayyah Marhala who participated in this test will be able to see the results of the test. If you now enter the official website to show the results of this test, you will not be able to see there until the results of 2023 are published. The office’s website is always up to date and once the results are published there will be an option to view the 2023 test results.

But if you want to see now, the maximum 2023 results will be displayed there. If you come directly to the office to see these results, enter the site. Here are the steps to follow after entering the official website. And by looking at the above title, you have understood that it is the official website address and the address of this official website, as soon as you enter it from Google, the page for viewing the results directly will open in front of you.

The 45th Central Examination of 2023 is held from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The exam ended very nicely and the students who took the Ibtidaiyah Marhala exam inside the exam took the exam of Nazira Kirat on 14th March. It is learned that the results of the examination will be published tomorrow after the work of evaluating the answer scripts is finally completed. So you can copy the website link from the above title.

Then go directly to the official website and since you have participated in the 45th exam of 2023, go to the select option and select 2023. The next step is to select the marhala and you have to select the correct marhala as the students have participated in the examination in three marhas as per the rules mentioned above.

Then you have to enter the roll number and in case of entering the roll number you must enter in English letter. Because according to the rules of the website, if you check the result with the roll number in Bengali, you will not get the result. So if you go to the official website and submit your information after doing all these things, the next page will show the personal information of the student and how many GPAs he has achieved with how many marks in any subject will be displayed there.