Titas Gas Assistant Manager Question Solution 2021

Titas Gas Assistant Manager Question Solution 2023

Did you apply for the circular issued by Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Company Limited? If you have applied for that published circular then you may have applied for the post of Assistant Manager. The examination for the post of the said Assistant Manager was held on the 8th of October at 10 am. After completing the test, many candidates want to get the correct answer to this test question paper and want to see the match.

Titas Gas Exam Question Solution 2023

That is why on our website you will find the solution of the test question 2023 for the post of Assistant Manager of Titas Gas Transmission. If you go to the bottom of our website, you will find the exact solution to all the questions of the Assistant Manager position held by Titas Gas and by looking at them, you will check how many marks you can get in the exam. So go to the bottom of this post to see the solution to the question.

Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Company Limited issued a circular in 2020. On the basis of this circular, it is mentioned that 20 people will be appointed in the way of Assistant Manager. This is basically the job of a ninth grade assistant manager.

So a large number of candidates applied for the 20 posts mentioned. To apply for this position, post-graduate completion is required and first-class results are required for post-graduation. So the candidates apply within the stipulated time on the official website of Titasagas.org.bd.

Titas Gas Assistant Manager Question Solution Today October 8, 2023

On the basis of that application the test was held after a long time dealing with the corona situation. This test of Titas Gas was held at the same time in different centers of Dhaka city. For the test, question number 100 is given in the question paper and it has to be answered on multiple choice basis.

After completing the test, many candidates want to know how much the correct answer matches with the question they have answered and how many marks can be obtained in the test. Due to the small number of positions, there will be a lot of competition to get a job in this position of Assistant Manager. Thousands of candidates from all over Bangladesh have applied for these 20 posts.

According to Titas Gas Transmission’s circular, about 48,000 candidates have applied for 20 posts. Therefore, in the case of examinations held for this post, examinations were held in 18 centers of Dhaka city. This test starts on October 8, 2023. The test starts at 10 am and ends at 11 am. A total of 100 multiple choice questions were given where questions were asked from Bengali, Mathematics, English, General Knowledge, Science and Computer subjects. However, due to the low number of posts and the high number of candidates, the exam taker was IBA.

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We all know that English is given more importance when IBA creates question papers and questions of mental skill are given more in mathematics. The questions mentioned in this admission test of Titas Gas centered on the same section are given in large numbers and many examinees become confused.


n the test center, many people may have been able to answer correctly and many people have not been able to answer the correct question. In that case, they have come up with an approximate answer. So you can check how your test went by looking at the solution of the question given on our website now.

If you look at the solution to this question given on our website, you will be able to verify exactly how many questions you have and how many you have answered incorrectly. However, due to the low number of seats, you can definitely think that the cut mark will be higher. So good luck on behalf of our website for all the candidates who have given the highest good test. I wish all those who have studied and worked hard for the position of Assistant Manager of Titas Gas for so long a successful endeavor.