Thakurgaon Zilla School Admission

Thakurgaon Zilla School Admission Result 2023

If you put Thakurgaon Zilla School first in the selection list in the admission program through lottery, then you must know which students have got a chance in this educational institution. We constantly provide important information for your convenience or to find any information so that you don’t have to go through much trouble. So, through this post today, check the list of names of students who have got a chance to get admission in a certain class in the 2023 academic year in Thakurgaon District School. If you find your name list from here then follow the next rules and follow the admission rules of this educational institution and you have to participate in the classes after admission.

Starting from Thakurgaon Zilla School, the same rules are being followed for admission in government and private educational institutions across the country. Because it is not possible to participate in the class system, if the students take the admission test, they will not be able to answer many questions. Taking all aspects into consideration, the admission process of students is being conducted through lottery in specific classes and on the basis of specific seats. To participate in this admission process as a student, he/she must apply within the specified period and wait for the lottery to be conducted after the application is completed. And by following that rule, students got the opportunity to apply online from 16th November to 6th December.

Although a specific website has been created for applying, no such system has been introduced to check the results, so all students who will get a chance in a particular institution will be informed by SMS from all the educational institutions. So when you want to get Thakurgaon zilla school exam result SMS will come on the number you provided during application and there is another special method to check result even if no SMS is received. In today’s era of information and communication technology, this result will be uploaded on the official website of every educational institution so that every individual can get the information at home.

Since Thakurgaon Zilla School is a government educational institution, its lottery program will be conducted on 12th December at 2 PM. After conducting the lottery process, the results will be given to each educational institution and each educational institution will inform the students through SMS on the phone according to the results who have got the chance. After knowing this result, the students will complete the admission following the rules of the educational institution and attend the classes on the specified date of 2023. But if the SMS does not come, then you have to understand that there is no chance and to be sure who has got the chance, visit the official website of each educational institution and give the admission result option and check the result from there.