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At this critical time in the country, the security website is providing us with special benefits. Safety Govt. We are able to register for corona vaccination through the website. If you have been vaccinated against the corona virus, you must have registered from the beginning.

If you have completed two doses by registering through the protection app, you will now need to collect the vaccine code for the vaccine. Those who have completed two doses by registering through the safety website and want to save the vaccine card can find out more about it by reading this post. Let us know the details about it. Certificate Download

At present the situation in the country during the Corona period is present. More than 200 people are dying every day. Over 15,000 people are infected with the coronavirus every day and are recovering. Through the body’s immunity and various treatments, a Corona patient is fighting and getting rid of this disease. Moreover, those who have low immunity and do not pay much attention to coronavirus are dying.

However, the country has now started vaccinating against the corona virus. The vaccination has been going on for some time now and people from all walks of life in the country are getting the vaccine. Earlier, the government announced that people over the age of 40 would be able to get the vaccine. So many people have taken this vaccine using different means of protection as well.

Later, those over the age of 25 have already started registering for the corona virus vaccine. Many people may have received SMS on their phones and are getting vaccinated at different vaccination centers at the right time. The people of the country were initially afraid to get this vaccine but later the fear disappeared. Moreover, according to the announcement of the government, people are now getting vaccinated.

Surokkha Vaccine Card/Certificate Download Link

However, the fear that people had about vaccination has gone away. Now people are taking it in stride so that they do not have the risk of coronavirus. That’s why if you are above 25 years of age, there is still a chance. You enter the security website and register by providing the correct information for them.

Once registered, you can collect the vaccine card from there. Those who will register through mobile phone, collect the vaccine card at that moment in the form of PDF file. Next you can print that PDF file from any printer. Then you can go to the nearest vaccination center and get the vaccine by sending an SMS to your phone.

Moreover, for those who are over 40 years old and have completed two doses, there has been a special news. If you have completely finished vaccinating against the corona virus, you will be able to collect the vaccine card online. The next time you go out of the house, you can show this vaccine card and move anywhere.

So for those who have had two vaccines for coronavirus so far, collect a vaccine card from the Safety Govt BD website to get out and about. You should keep this vaccine card carefully and laminate it if you can. Then you can use the vaccine card to move outside for a long time. However, at present it is not possible to download Corona Vaccine Card due to server jam on website.

This is the current state of the website due to the extra stress. So be patient without worrying and if the problem of server jam is solved, enter the website and collect the vaccine card. Let us all follow the rules of hygiene and inspire others to follow the rules of hygiene. I urge you to stay healthy by vaccinating yourself against the coronavirus and to encourage others to stay healthy.

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