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Sunamganj Govt Jubilee High School Admission Lottery Result 2022 PDF Download in 2021

Sunamganj Government Jubilee High School is a reputed and significant educational institution in Sunamganj city. This educational institution is located on the bank of Surma river on DS Road in the center of Sunamganj city.

At present the headmaster of the educational institution Md. Faizur Rahman has ensured the education system of the students through supervision. He takes special care so that the students are able to achieve good results. This educational institution is teaching students from third to tenth class. In 1928, the educational institution was made government.


This educational institution is a Bengali medium educational institution. In 2003, the educational institution was declared as the best secondary school in Bangladesh. At present the number of students in the educational institution is 1800. The educational institution was named Government Jubilee High School to mark the 50th anniversary of Queen Victoria’s accession to the throne.

The current number of teachers in the educational institution is 35. Students are admitted to Sunamganj Government Jubilee High School through admission test every year. Like every year, the educational institution publishes a notification for admission in 2021 academic year.

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Students will be able to apply online at this educational institution like every year. But like every year, students will not be admitted through any kind of examination this year. Because of the current epidemic of corona virus, the education system of every educational institution has been temporarily suspended.

As the students are young in age and the number of such examinations is high, the Minister of Education of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has decided to admit the students through lottery this year. Sunamganj Government Jubilee High School students will apply for admission.

Students who get the opportunity through lottery on the basis of their names will be able to study in that institution. Therefore, applications for admission to the educational institution were accepted from 15 to 26 December.

As every year, in the year 2021 academic year, 120 students in the morning branch of the third class and 120 students in the day branch will be given a total of 240 students and 24 students in both the branches in the sixth class will be given the opportunity to get admission in vacant seats. The cost of applying for admission in this educational institution is 110 rupees which has to be paid through Teletalk prepaid.

Sunamganj Government Jubilee High School organized an event in the educational institution on the basis of the names of the students who applied for the admission. The educational institution publishes a list of all the students whose names are picked up on a random basis.

List of names of students who got opportunity in Sunamganj Government Jubilee High School in 2021 academic year. If you want to download PDF file, click on download option on our website. You can easily download the PDF file on our website. We are with you with all the information related to education.

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