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SSC Result 2022 Check Website Link

SSC examination result 2022 is going to be published on 6 may 2022 all over Bangladesh. The result of equivalent examination will also be published on this day. The official website for collecting SSC result is Education Board result. There is another official website for collecting marksheet and number. And the website name is web based result.

You can also collect the SSC result by visiting your education board official website. Most probably you know that they are 11 education boards in Bangladesh. Among them 8 are general and the rest two are technical Education Board and madrasa Education Board.

Do you know all education board official website address? If you don’t know then most probably you are looking for the website link for collecting SSC result 2022.

In this article we are going to show you the website address of Education Board result and all other education board official websites. So if you are looking for the list of SSC result 2022 website then you can easily collect it from here.

Official Website Link for SSC Result

The official website address of Education Board result checking SSC exam result 2022 is from this website anyone can collect their SSC examination result with marksheet and number after May 6 2022

SSC result can be collected from many websites. Among them Official Result BD is the high authorative website for collecting the examination result.

But this is not the official website for collecting SSC result. It has embedded the official website of SSC result into this website. So that visitors can collect their result without visiting the official website.

You can visit the website by searching the website on Google. Or you can simply click the link below to visit that website.

SSC Result website List

SSC result website list has been published by Education ministry. All the student are asked to collect the website address. You can collect the website address by visit in Dhaka education board official website.

After visiting the website you will find notice menu. From that menu you have to look for SSC result website list. Click on download button to collect all the website address in a file.

All education boards particular website are given in that file. You have to visit your board official website in order to collect your SSC result.

Board-wise Website Address for SSC Result 2022

We have already discussed that there are 11 education board in Bangladesh. They have particular websites for organising their curriculum activities. And those websites play great role by providing accurate information regarding educational purposes.

Here we are going to give you all those website links for checking your SSC results in 2022 with number and marksheet.

Dhaka Board SSC Result 2022

Dhaka board is the largest education board in Bangladesh. It is responsible for arranging examination related activities for all education board in Bangladesh. July 2019, it publishers SSC examination routine 2022 for holding the examination.

Dhaka Board SSC examination was held in the month of February 2022. And the result will be declared most probably on May 6 2022.

And the official website address of Dhaka Education Board is given below.

Rajshahi Board SSC Result 2022

Rajshahi Education Board is the second largest education board after Dhaka board. The SSC result of this Education Board can be collected from two website. The very first website is Education Board result website. And the second website is rajshahi board official website. who have already talked about the first one.

Now we are going to talk you about rajshahi education board official website SSC result collection. For your help we are going to show you the official website address here. Just visit the website from the below link and check your SSC result.

Chittagong Board SSC Result 2022

Every year more than 3 lakh students have taken part in SSC examination. This year number of SSC exam candidate is 400000. the examination result is going to be published very soon. After the publication of the result it can be collected from Chittagong board website.

Do you know what is the official website of Chittagong board? If you don’t know then you should learn it from below. Click the link from here to browse the official website of Chittagong education board for collecting SSC result.

Dinajpur Board SSC result 2022

The process of collecting dinajpur board SSC result by Android application is very easy. It is so easy that a little child can check there is result by using this application. But for doing that you need to to visit the official website of dinajpur board in order to download the application.

And the official website of dinajpur Education Board is
Visit the website now and download the application. Because this application will help you finding out your SSC results after the publication of that result.

SSC Result 2022 Marksheet Website Link

There is a website for publishing marksheet of SSC examination result. And the website address is By visiting this website you can easily collect your marksheet and number sheet.

According to a declaration made by the education ministry all result can be downloaded with detailed number and marksheet with grade point system. But you have to visit Education Board website in order to collect the result with detail information.

App Diye Kivabe SSC Result Dekhbo

The system is very easy and simple. Anyone can check there SSC result by using app. We have already talked about how to download the application from Google play store. Also discussed about how to check the result by using application.

Now we are going to show you app Diye Kivabe SSC result 2022 Dekhbo. So let’s Shuru Kora jak. at first you have to download the app from Google play service. Then you have to launch this application. By inputting your information such as roll, registration number, examination year and board, you need to click on submit button. That’s the process for SSC result app Diye dekha.

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