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SSC Result 2021 by SMS – Pre Registration System

Do you know that SSC result 2021 can be collected by sms? If you don’t know then this article is for you. Because this article will teach you how to collect SSC result 2021 with marksheet by mobile SMS.

Collect your SSC examination result by sms of Dhaka, Chittagong, rajshahi, Dinajpur, sylhet, mymensingh, Comilla, Jessore, Madrasah & Technical Education Board.

And we will also show you SMS format of every education board for checking the result by mobile message system. So let’s get started.

SSC Result SMS Method

SSC result will be published on May 23, 2021 all over Bangladesh. After the publication of the result the students will look for ways for collecting the result. The result can be collected in many ways and methods.

SMS method is a way by which you can check your SSC result 2021 for all education board in Bangladesh by sending message to a particular number. This is the very fast and speedy method for downloading SSC result.

This method become very popular in recent years in Bangladesh. There are some reason of its popularity.

Fastly it is very low cost. Moreover, it will not take too much time to check your result. Therefore, it doesn’t require internet connection.

But it is a matter of great sir that many of you don’t know how to collect SSC result of your bored by sending mobile message to that particular number.

So now we are going to talk about how to check SSC result 2021 by sms.

How to Check SSC Result 2021 by SMS

There is nothing as easy as checking is SSC result by sending mobile SMS.

But it is a matter of great regret that many of you don’t know the easy process of collecting SSC result by sending mobile message.

Here we will give your proper guideline for collecting your SSC examination result 2021 by message method.

Just follow the step by step process in order to perform the task successfully.

Firstly, open mobile message option.


Secondly, you need to click on write message option.

Thirdly, type the exact SMS format will provide in below chart.

And finally send this message to 16222.

This is the method of collecting SSC result by sms.

SMS Format

According to the system of checking SSC result by sms you must need to follow appropriate SMS format. And it is a matter of great sorrow that many of you don’t know how to check SSC result by sms.

But you must know it in order to collect your SSC result for all education board in Bangladesh. That’s why we have collected the correct format from Education Board website.

SSC Result 2021 Mobile SMS Format

Example: SSC DHA 123456 2021

Send it to 16222.

Now I will show you 11 education boards official system for checking SSC result. Let’s take a look in the below chart for knowing SMS format of SSC result 2021.

Board Name 1st Three Letters
Dhaka Board DHA
Comilla Board COM
Rajshahi Board RAJ
Dinajpur Board DIN
Jessore Board JES
Barisal Board BAR
Chittagong Board CHI
Sylhet Board SYL
Madrasah Board MAD
Technical Board TEC

First Three Letters of Education Board

In order to collect your SSC result by sms, you must know first 3 letters of your education board. Without this three letters you cannot get your result checked through mobile SMS.

For helping you are going to show you very first 3 letters of 9 general, Technical and madrasah Education Board. You have to type those three letters in SMS with your roll number.

  • Dhaka Board first three letter is DHA.
  • Jessore Board first three letter is JES.
  • Barisal board first three letter is BAR.
  • Comilla Board first three letter is COM.
  • Sylhet Board first three letter is SYL.
  • Rajshahi Board first three letter is RAJ.
  • Dinajpur Board First three letter is DIN.
  • Chittagong Board first three letter is CHI.
  • Madrasah Board first three letter is MAD.
  • Technical Board first three letter is TEC.

SMS Charge for Checking SSC Result

Though checking SSC result by internet is free, SMS method is costly. You have pay some charge in order to get your result checked by sms method.

Sms charge of every particular SMS of SSC result is 2.50 tk. Terms and condition apply for this service.

You have to abide by those terms and conditions in order to download your result by mobile message.

The SMS charges will be deducted from your main account balance.

And you must have balance in your main account balance.

And if you have balance in your emergency account, then message will not be sent to desired number.

As a result you cannot check your SSC result 2021 by sending mobile message.

SMS e Kivabe SSC Result Dekhbo


Do you know that now SSC result can be dekha jabe by message? Yes, this is the latest invention of Bangladesh education board for checking SSC result.

This is very tricky task. You have to be very skilled in order to download on secondary school certificate examination result 2021 by sms.

Want to know how to dekhbo SSC Result by SMS? Then just continue reading the next paragraph of this article.

We have already discussed the method of sending SMS. We also showed SMS format of checking the SSC examination result.

Now we are going to dekhabo jevabe sms diye SSC result dekhben.

Write the exact SMS format of your education board. You can take help from the chart below.

And finally send the message to 16222.

That’s all for checking SSC result by sms.

SSC Result 2021 Download by Mobile Message

As the SSC result is declared today, the official website of Education Board result is down due to heavy traffic. Students are facing problem while downloading their SSC result. Although some of them have successfully collected their SSC result, many fails to do so.


There is an alternative way of checking SSC result. This method will works while the website is down or live.

Do you want to download your SSC result by mobile message? If you wish to download a result by SMS then you should read this section.

Now a days it is very easy to download SSC result by mobile SMS. We will show you every pros and cons you need to know for collecting your SSC result of any education board in Bangladesh.

Step 1: Open write message.

Step 2: Type the exact format we showed in previous chart.

Step 3: Send the message to 16222.

That is the entire process of downloading SSC result of any education board by mobile message system.

Have you collected your marksheet? We hope you have successfully download. But there are some people who fails to download their marksheet due to website server down.

Now we are going to show you how to download SSC result 2021 with marksheet by sms.

SSC Result 2021 Marksheet Download by SMS

Marksheet of eleven Education Board is available on the website of Education Board result. But it is a matter of great sorrow that currently the website is down. What is the alternative way of downloading the marksheet for every particular subject?

SMS system is the only solution of this situation. Now we will give you proper instructions of downloading marksheet by mobile SMS system.

1. Write SSC then give a space.

2. Type 1st three letters of your board name and give another space.

3. Input your roll number & put space again.

4. Type 2021 & send the message to 16222.

That’s all of downloading every education board subject wise SSC result marksheet and number.

SSC Result SMS Pre Registration Process

Today I have come to know that SSC result can be collected by mobile SMS. call dad you need to be registered to the server. According to the message this is called pre-registration.

Pre registration process is going to be start from may 18, 2021. You have to submit your bored and roll number in appropriate format in order to get pre-registered to 16222 server.

Do you want to know the SMS format of free registration? Read the instruction from below in order to learn the entire process.

Pre-registration SMS Format:


SSC (space) Board (space) Roll (space) 2021

You need to send this message to 16222 number.

For example we can say about SMS format of Dhaka board students. Dhaka board students need to type the SMS format from below.

SSC Dhaka Roll 2021

Put a space after every elements. Be careful while inputting your roll number.

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