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SSC Result 2020 Rajshahi Board Marksheet & Number

SSC result of Rajshahi board is going to be published on May 31, 2020.

Are you looking for SSC result 2020 with Marksheet & number of Rajshahi board? Then this article is specially written for you.

Because in this article we are going to show you how to collect SSC result of Rajshahi board. So let’s get started.

SSC Result Rajshahi Board

According to information this year about 82% student of Rajshahi board has successfully passed ssc examination. And about 2,000 student are absent in the examination.

SSC examination was held from February 2, 2020 to February 28. This year about 2,80,000 students have taken part in SSC examination under Rajshahi board.

The authority is ready to declare the result. After the declaration of the result anyone can check their SSC result 2020 of Rajshahi board from various sources.

You can collect the result from online, SMS method, Android app and from educational institutions.

Rajshahi Board SSC Result Published Date

Education ministry is going to declare Rajshahi Board SSC result on May 31st 2020. Education Minister will declared the result at 10:00 a.m. in the morning in a press conference with the presence of Honorable prime Minister Sheikh hasina.

According to statistics last year the pass rate was 84%. Prime Minister is very pleased with the result of Education Board.

Though the result will be declared at 10:00 a.m., it will be available on the official website of Education Board Result at 2:00 p.m.. And from 4:00 p.m. students can collect their subject wise marksheet.

Last year result was published on May 6, 2020. Because of coronavirus the result date is changed many times. And finally the time has come to publish the result.

How to Check SSC Result 2020 Rajshahi Board

Want to check SSC result of Rajshahi board? Just wait and read this article carefully. Because now we are going to show you how to check SSC result 2020 Rajshahi board with marksheet.

Do you know how to check SSC result 2020 of Rajshahi board? If you don’t know then you are on the right place. Because from here you can collect the process for checking SSC result of Rajshahi board.

We are very happy to announce that there are many methods for collecting the result of this education Board. We are going to talk about all those methods and process step by step. We will show you exact way for checking the result of this education board with number and marksheet.

As you know that there are many methods for collecting SSC examination result for every board. At first we will show you those methods then we will describe elaborately.

The very fast method is online. With this method you can very easily and rapidly check your examination result without facing any problem.

Then comes the SMS method. With this method you can collect your result within a minute by sending a SMS to a particular number.

And in the last comes the Android method. By this method you can easily check any result by using Android app.

At first we talk about online method. So let’s start.

SSC Result 2020 Rajshahi Board by Online

Now a days online method is very much popular among the students. Because with this method you can instantly check your SSC examination result. Moreover this method is free. So anyone can check their result with marksheet by this method without paying any money.

According to a news report it is known that the SSC result can be collected after 2:00 p.m. on May 31, 2020. From that time anyone can login to Rajshahi board website and collect there ssc examination result for examination 2020. But it is a matter of great sorrow that many of you don’t know how to download result from the internet.

Do you know how to check is a result of Rajshahi board from online? If you don’t know then just follow the step by step process in order to collect the result.

  1. At first you have to turn your mobile data or connect to the internet.
  2. Then you need to open any of your internet browsers that have JavaScript enabled.
  3. After that you have to visit the official website of education Board result. There is also an alternative website for checking Rajshahi Board SSC result. And the website is official result BD.
  4. When you visit the website you will find result checking menu.
  5. Just select your examination name who is SSC or equivalent.
  6. Then you have to select your examination year 2020.
  7. After that select your education board and input your roll and registration number.
  8. And finally click on submit button in order to check your SSC result 2020 of Rajshahi board.

SSC Result 2020 Rajshahi Board by SMS

For collecting SSC Board result you must know the SMS format of every particular board. At first we show you Rajshahi board SMS format. Then we will go to describe the entire process.

Here goes the SMS format:

SSC <space> First Three Letters of Board Name Rajshahi <space> Roll Number <space> 2020

Still have a question about this sms format? Then let’s show an example of it.
Example: SSC RAJ 124567 2020

You have to deliver this SMS to the destination number of Education Board result. 16222 is the desired number. So please send your SMS to this number in order to collect your result.


Rajshahi Board SSC Result by Android App

Bangladesh is a digital country. As a part of that every educational purpose is served through the internet. Education Board has developed an application for performing result check.

You can download your SSC result of Rajshahi board by visiting the Android app. We hope that you have downloaded the Android application from the Google play store.

If you don’t have it then you are requested to collect it by clicking on this link. Complete guideline is provided in the app.

But for your help we are going to show your here.

  1. At first install this application.
  2. Then launch it.
  3. Click on result check.
  4. Select examination as SSC.
  5. Select your education board as Rajshahi.
  6. Input your land registration number to the respected form.
  7. Finally click on submit button.

That’s the process of downloading is its result by Android application.

Check SSC Result 2020 with Number Rajshahi Board

Have you had that online application is going to be start for college admission from 6 June 2020? In order to apply for online admission test you have to to submit your detailed number sheet of your SSC examination.

Although the process of collecting number of every subject is very easy, many of you don’t know the exact process of doing it. As a result they cannot collect their number of all subject from the internet.

So we are going to show you the full lesson about checking Rajshahi Board SSC result with number. Just follow the step by step process from below.

Step 1: visit Rajshahi Board Education website.

Step 2: select your examination year 2020.

Step 3: input your roll and registration number.

Step 4: click on submit button to get your SSC result with subject wise number.

That is the process of performing SSC result check of Rajshahi board.

Rajshahi Board SSC Result 2020 marksheet

Do you want to download Rajshahi Board SSC result marksheet? If yes then this version of this article is for you. Here we will show you in detail about how to download SSC result with marksheet of every subject of Rajshahi Education Board.

According to information subject wise mark sheet is available on the web based result website. The website address is

By visiting this website anyone can download the result with marksheet within a minute. But sometimes the website server is too busy because of huge traffic during SSC result.

As having no other alternatives of getting marksheet except this website, you have to wait until everything comes to normal.

But it is time to learn the process because it will help you finding out your subject wise marksheet of Rajshahi board.

  1. At first you have to browse web based result website.
  2. Then you have to select SSC or equivalent result.
  3. After doing that you need to select your education board.
  4. Select the board you attended on your SSC examination.
  5. Now you have to provide your roll and registration number.
  6. Finally, you need to click on Show Marksheet button.

That is the process of collecting Rajshahi board marksheet.

Board Challenge Process of Rajshahi Board

Are you not satisfied with your result? Then there is an opportunity for applying for second check of your answer script. You have to apply for board Challenge by online.

Do you know the appropriate method of applying online for SSC answer script rescrutiny? If you don’t know then just follow the step by step process from below in order to apply. Please keep in mind you have to reply within 7 days.

Step 1: Download board challenge Notice from Rajshahi board website.

Step 2: Read the proper guideline from that notice.

Step 3: Then decide how many subjects you wish to apply and recharge necessary amount in Teletalk sim card.

Step 4: Type a message by prescribed method and send it to 16222.

We hope you have successfully applied for your desired subject for SSC board challenge.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you try to check your SSC result of Rajshahi board you may face some problems. We have some complain about SSC result selection process error. So you have asked to answer these questions and solve those errors.

That’s why we going to and search something currently asked questions about Rajshahi Board SSC result 2020.

Question: Rajshahi Board SSC Result Kobe Dibe?

Answer: According to a announcement of Education Ministry Rajshahi Board SSC result is going to be published on May 31st 2020. Prime Minister Sheikh hasina will declare the result at 10:00 a.m. in the morning. But result will be available in the internet at 1:00 p.m.. From only then you can get your result from internet.

Question: Kivabe Rajshahi Board SSC Result Dekhbo?

Answer: It is very easy. Just follow the step by step process in order to dekhte your SSC result.

1. Visit Rajshahi Board website.

2. Select SSC or equivalent.

3. Input your roll and registration number.

4. Solve captcha & click on Submit button.

Question: Rajshahi Board SSC Result published Date?

Answer: Rajshahi Education Board SSC or equivalent result with marksheet will be declared on May 31st 2020.

Question: How to download marksheet without registration number?

Answer: Unfortunately you can’t download your SSC marksheet without registration number. You can only check your general result by providing roll number.

Question: Rajshahi Board SSC result Kokhon Dibe

Answer: SSC result will be announced at 2:00 p.m. on May 31, 2020.

Final Words

Official Result BD is one of the best educational websites of Bangladesh. It always publishes great educational content like suggestion, routine, question solution, results etc.

It is publishing all public examination result of Bangladesh. We hope you have already read this article carefully and collected your SSC examination result of Rajshahi board.

Have you face any problem collecting result? Then please leave a comment below. And we will try our best to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for reading this article. Please visit our website regularly in order to get regular educational update.

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