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RU Admission Result 2023 Result 2023

Rajshahi University is a reputed public university in Bangladesh. Every year thousands of students get the opportunity to study in this university through admission test. This university holds admission test every year. Rajshahi University stands tall in the glory of North Bengal. This university was established in 1953. The founding day of this university is celebrated on November 6 every year.

In terms of results, this university is still flowing in a bright direction. More than one faculty and faculty and a wide range of campuses are the center of attraction of the university to the students. In addition to undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, MPhil degrees can be obtained from universities. So this university is a dream university for every admitted student in Bangladesh.

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Rajshahi University Admission Result 2023

Every year this university admits students in multiple faculties through the admission process. Following this, Rajshahi University also completed the admission process in 2023. Due to the current situation in Karna, students are required to fill up the admission form online and take the test from the examination center in compliance with the hygiene rules. Through an admission notification for the 2020-21 academic year, students have the opportunity to apply online to the designated faculty.

RU Admission Result 2023 Result 2023

After completing the application process, they participated in the admission process by attending the university campus on October 4, 5 and 6. Students and teachers are present at the examination center in accordance with the appropriate hygiene rules. Moreover, the exams are taken in three shifts for the purpose of reducing the stress of the students. By taking 3 shifts on the same day, it has been possible to reduce the health risks of the students to a great extent. Result 2023

Although there were multiple units on the campus of Rajshahi University in the past years, three main units were formed in 2023 for the admission test. A unit is prescribed for the science department, a unit for the humanities department and a unit for the commerce department. In previous years students from more than one unit could apply and participate in the admission test.

But in the 2023 admission test, students have the opportunity to apply from the background of passing the 2023 HSC exam. All the candidates who have passed from the humanities department take part in the examinations of the humanities department i.e. this unit.

Similarly, those who have participated in the C unit examination have passed the science department in HSC. Other units have been merged to take this admission test. So 1071 seats were allotted for A unit, 470 seats for unit and 932 seats for C unit. On the basis of this seat the examination is taken from 4th to 6th October at different examination centers.

A, B, C Unit Admission Result

After taking the exam, Rajshahi University said in a notification that the results will be published from October 10. As the examination of C unit has been held before the examination of the science faculty, the results of the admission test of C unit of Rajshahi University will be published. So those who want to know the results of the exam, enter the official website of Rajshahi University and see your results with the admission roll number.