RU C Unit MCQ Question Solution 2021 Today Exam Rajshahi University Admission 2020-21

RU C Unit MCQ Question Solution 2021 Today Exam Rajshahi University Admission 2020-21

Candidates who want to get the solution of Rajshahi University Admission Test questions to be held in 2021, they can collect the solution of this question accurately from our website. The solution to the C unit question held on 4 October 2021 is given correctly on our website.

So those of you who have come out with the test and are going to get the correct answer to the scheduled question, check the solution of this question from our website and you can also confirm by counting how many marks you can get in the test.This arrangement has been made on our website for those who participated in the C unit test. If you have submitted the form in other units then you will take the test according to that form and you will also get the answer to the question on our website.


C Unit MCQ Question Solution 2021 Today

Every year arrangements are made to admit the first year students with honours through Rajshahi University Admission Test. The first admission test in 2021 was held on 4 October. These examinations are held in different centers of Rajshahi University and a fixed number of students attend the examination centers and complete their examinations properly.

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However, Rajshahi University has made 2 sets of question papers in the past years.At the time of application, those who have odd numbers at the end of the roll number take the test in one shift and those who have even numbers at the end of the roll number have to take the test in a separate shift. But in 2021 the tax has been extended to another shift due to the situation.

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RU C Unit MCQ Question Solution 2021 Today

Rajshahi University Admission 2020-21 Question Solve

In other words, the candidates of C unit will take the exam in three shifts. Different shifts have been fixed according to the roll number. Rajshahi University conducts a shift test from 9:30 am to 10:30 am. The other two shifts start at 12 noon and all three.Moreover, all the different faculties of science in Rajshahi University have been brought together in C unit. In other words, all the seats for science will be taken in C unit. On that basis, the C unit examination of Rajshahi University was held on 4th October and was held in different shifts.

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These examinations were duly accepted by the teachers of Rajshahi University. They take the test through proper supervision and take the test in accordance with the health rules keeping in mind the health risks of each student. We will provide answers to different questions on each subject on our website. Students who are going to get the solution of the question of different shifts will collect it from our website.

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Admission test of C unit of Rajshahi University is held with 100 marks. Although there have been opportunities for second timers in this university in the past years, there will be no opportunity for second timers in 2021. Moreover, as 100 marks were held, 80 questions will be given for the examination. The value of each question is 1.25.If students answer a question incorrectly, 0.20 will be deducted from the correct answer. Therefore, the examinees have to be careful in this regard.

However, looking at the type of question paper, it is understood that all the candidates who get above 60 marks in the examination may be included in the merit list. So by participating in the test in a good way, you can ensure a chance with a good luck test.

Morning Shift Question 9:30-10:30


RU Question Solution C Unit 2021

RU Question Solution C Unit 2021

RU Question Solution C Unit 2021


Exam Time 12:00-1:00

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It has already been said that as many faculties as there are faculties of science in Rajshahi University are taking examinations in C unit. Unit C has 932 seats. In contrast to this seat, a large number of students from all over Bangladesh would like to participate and ensure their chances.For that purpose, if you have any confusion about your question and want to know the answer to a specific question, then first check the solution of C unit questions from our website.

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