RU B Unit Question Solution 2021 (উত্তর দেখুন) Today Exam Rajshahi University Admission 2020-21

RU B Unit Question Solution 2021 (উত্তর দেখুন) Today Exam Rajshahi University Admission 2020-21

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For those of you who participated in the admission test held at Unit B and want to match the answers to the correct questions at the end of the test, check out the solution to the question given on our website. Answers to all the questions of Rajshahi University B Unit Admission Test can be found on our website. So compare the answers to the B unit questions and estimate how many marks you can get in your admission test.


Rajshahi University Admission 2020-21 Question Solution

This admission honor is for the first year of all the candidates who have participated in the 2021 admission test of the university. Honors publishes an admission notice for the first year admission in the academic year 2020-21 and the candidates apply according to that admission notice. Gradually the examinations of two units have been completed but the examinations of B unit of Rajshahi University are left. However, the examination of this B unit was held on 6th October.

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This test is held from 9:30 a.m. on 6 October 2021. Unit B examinations are held in three shifts in total. For this test, students and teachers attend the test center in accordance with proper hygiene rules and complete the test within the stipulated time. We provide solutions to the various questions of that test so that the students can come from the test center and match their answers.

RU B Unit Question Solution 2021

B Unit MCQ Written Answer 2021

In 2021, only those candidates who have passed HSC from Commerce Department get the opportunity to apply for B Unit of Rajshahi University. In other words, those who will pass the exam in B unit will have the opportunity to do BBA. Those who get the chance of B Unit of Rajshahi University will get the opportunity to graduate in various subjects under the Institute of Business Studies. Unit B includes Accounting and Information Systems, Management Studies, Marketing, Finance, Banking and Insurance and Tourism and Hospitality.

If you want to do BBA in all these subjects then you can study for it and get the opportunity. The total number of seats in the mentioned subjects of Rajshahi University i.e. B unit is 470. In other words, there are a total of 470 seats in the subjects that are there. In contrast to this seat in the 2021 admission test, a large number of students participated in the test.

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Rajshahi University B Unit Question Solve 2021

Although Rajshahi University has had the opportunity to take the admission test for the second time in the past years, it will not have the opportunity to take the test for the second time in 2021. Therefore, those who have worked harder for the first time and passed the admission test of B unit and passed the exam are more likely to have a chance. Those who have participated in the admission test of B unit of Rajshahi University can hope that your chances will be guaranteed if they get marks above 70.

However, in this case the number may be a little more or less. In the admission test of Rajshahi University, multiple choice questions of number 80 and written questions of number 20 are being answered. The test is being completed within 1 hour and there is a lot of pressure on the candidates. Those who have been able to do the Q&A jointly are more likely to get a chance in the unit.

B Unit Admission Question Right Answer

If you have doubts about the answers to the confusing questions of the test center, then you can remove the doubts yourself. The first thing you will see is the solution of the B unit of the university. You can find the solution to this question very easily on our website. Then you will get a chance to study at the Institute of Business Studies building of Rajshahi University if you have a cut mark by eliminating your mistakes.