RU Admission Question 2019 All Unit & Previous 10 Years Question Bank

You are all aware that Rajshahi University will conduct examinations in a different way every year. As always, instead of 6 units, three units will be tested this year. Examiners of a total of six units have been assigned three units “A, B, C” on the basis of Science Humanities and Commercial Departments.

Students will not be able to take different forms of university as before but their question pattern will remain the same. This year 60 questions will be given.

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RU Admission Question 2019

Instead a student will get 1.2 and will be deducted 0.2 mark for each wrong question i.e. deducted once for each question. So in order to make a good preparation for the students, you can find all the exams held last year of Rajshahi University with the solution of all the exam question papers below on our website.

All the question papers of 2015-20 academic year have been given. By looking at your questions you may get a detailed idea about the test. So if you want to download all the exam question papers of Rajshahi University which have been held in the past, you can get it on our website.

Rajshahi University last year’s question paper students might have known from the coaching of the university. But this year the students are far behind in their studies as there is no such opportunity.

RU Admission Question Pattern 2021

Many are worried about the test results. But when the test results came out, another new thought came to the student. Admission to Rajshahi University, a reputed educational institution.

In order to give the students a chance to get admission in Rajshahi University, we have solved last year’s question on our website. Here are the questions of 6 sections. Through it the students have a rough idea of ​​how many marks will be asked on any subject.

Questions from students in the science, commerce and humanities departments, as well as in the drama unit and fine arts department, are given on our website.

Rajshahi university admission question 2019-20

Ru question bank c unit pdf

Rajshahi university admission question 2018-19

Ru admission question 2019 a unit

Rajshahi university b unit question bank

Rajshahi university b unit question pattern 2019-20

Rajshahi university c unit question pattern

Students will be able to understand the question type of Rajshahi University by downloading and solving that question. So to make a beautiful preparation, you can download the questions and solutions of the last year.

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