The Best Rewriting Tools for Students and Academic Writers

Students and professional academic writers frequently need to paraphrase others’ content and use it in their assignments. They have to use others’ work as a reference and validate their work. That’s why paraphrasing or rewriting is legal and ethical in academic writing.

However, many students need more paraphrasing skills. They just alter a few words and believe their content is unique and plagiarism-free. But it’s not true. 

Changing a few words doesn’t make any content unique. Paraphrasing or rewriting is much more than that. It includes altering multiple things in the content without altering its context.

If you know how to paraphrase content, it’s great. Otherwise, you must use rewriting tools for that purpose. Many free tools are available that paraphrase content and make it unique within a few moments. 

Let’s learn about the best paraphrasing tools a student or writer can use to rewrite content!

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Try this platform if you are a student and lack paraphrasing skills. DupliChecker offers an exceptional article rewriter that helps users rewrite multiple types of content and provides excellent quality results against their input. It uses modern algorithms to understand and rewrite the content. So, it doesn’t modify the overall context but improves the content quality and removes plagiarism.

Moreover, DupliChecker’s rewrite tool offers multiple modes of paraphrasing. These modes make it easier for people to understand what to do next. For instance, if they want minor changes, they can select “Smart Spin” or “Ultra Spin.” If they want advanced paraphrasing, they can use the “AI Rephraser” mode.

Apart from that, DupliChecker’s article spinner also supports multiple languages and assists the international community. The languages this paraphrasing tool supports are French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, German, Italian, and Dutch.

  • RewriteGuru

Rewriteguru is a very famous name in the online tools industry. This platform provides free tools to users and assists them in their work. Its sentence rewriter is also very reliable and efficient in the work. It uses modern algorithms for understanding and rewriting content. 

When you rewrite the content with this tool, you rarely see any issues. Most of the time, users appreciate its creativity and content language.

Plus, this article rewriter usually uses similar words to the given text. It helps users get the most relevant but modified content against their queries. 

Moreover, it assists writers in getting the type of content they want. For instance, if you are an academic writer and want to rewrite an assignment, if the given content is in an academic tone, it will follow that tone, and you will get the best results based on your input.

Additionally, Rewriteguru’s rewrite tool offers four different modes of spinning. However, only one of them is free for users. If users have to use the other three modes, they have to pay for them.

  • ChatGPT

ChatGPT is arguably the best and most creative tool for writing, rewriting, paraphrasing, and content improvement. When it comes to creativity, no other tool comes close to it. ChatGPT uses the latest AI algorithms to understand users’ queries and develop data accordingly.

Many students and academic writers think it is just for professional content creators or website developers. But ChatGPT has a lot to offer to all kinds of users. For instance, it can help students rewrite and make their articles unique. Moreover, they can ask ChatGPT to add some additional information about the topic, improve its language, change its tone, remove grammar mistakes, or do anything with the content; ChatGPT will definitely do it.

Another benefit of ChatGPT is that users don’t need to learn to use it. They can give commands in simple words. They just need to paste the text and provide specific prompts, and ChatGPT will act accordingly.

  • BARD

BARD is very similar to ChatGPT, using AI technology to write and rewrite data. Like ChatGPT, BARD instantly caught everyone’s attention. As Google powers this tool, it is very reliable when it comes to output, as Google doesn’t compromise on the quality of its tools.

BARD also understands prompts, and any user can easily guide it in what they want against their input. For instance, if you recreate an assignment and change its tone and language, you can write it into your prompts. BARD will always satisfy you as it understands all types of prompts.

Moreover, BARD is also very creative; you can get the best content from it without plagiarism. So, don’t use such tools only when you want to create content from scratch. 

Instead, you can also use them whenever you want to rewrite any text. They may help you more than any other tool.