Rajshahi Collegiate School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

Rajshahi Collegiate School is a reputed educational institution of Rajshahi Division. The educational institution was established in 1828. William Bentinck Baulia, a British employee at the time, founded the English School to inspire students to learn English.

Later in 183 this educational institution was renamed as Rajshahi Collegiate School. Rajshahi College schools provide primary, secondary and higher education. The policy sentence of this educational institution is “Education, Health, Prosperity”. Rajshahi Collegiate School is in charge of the head teacher. Nurjahan Begum. This educational institution is about one acre in size.

Rajshahi Collegiate School Admission Circular 2023 PDF Download

There are four academic buildings here. In the past, class XI was not taught in this educational institution. The first class of higher education was started in 2006 with the admission of class XI. Students from third to twelfth class are educated in the educational institution. There are two types of education system in this educational institution. One is the morning shift and the other is the day shift.

One of the oldest educational institutions of Rajshahi division. Many students study in this educational institution. Every year the students of this educational institution get the opportunity to study through the admission test. Like every year, this year also a circular has been issued regarding the admission of students in the educational institutions. Rajshahi Collegiate School is located at Manichatbar under Rajshahi Boalia Police Station.

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Due to the coronavirus epidemic in the world today, the Hon’ble Minister of Education of the Government of Bangladesh Dipu Dipu Moni has announced in every educational institution that the system of admission of students through examinations is not at least this year.

Rajshahi Collegiate School Admission Circular Lottery Result PDF Download

Students will complete their admission process online this year and students will receive a list of their names through a lottery on December 30th. Since the students are not being evaluated through exams, the students have no choice but to remember the Creator this year. Because the lottery is a matter of fate.

All the meritorious students of the collegiate school are studying with all the students. From 15 to 16 December 2020, students will be able to apply for admission to educational institutions.

According to the application of the admission process, on December 30, Rajshahi Collegiate School published the list of names of the admission process through lottery. We have published the list of students who have got the opportunity to study in the educational institution through lottery in the form of PDF file on our website.

If you want, you can download the PDF file of the name list from our website. You can easily and completely free download from our website. In addition to this PDF file, you can easily get the admission results of various government educational institutions on our website.

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