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PSC Math Suggestion 2022 PDF Download

Primary Education Ministry has announced PSC Routine 2022 on their website. And the PSC examination is knocking at the door. It is high time every student should study hard. For taking a good preparation, a quality suggestion is must.

And finally the PSC Suggestion 2022 has been published. In this article, we talk about PSC examination suggestion. Read this article carefully so that you don’t miss the great opportunity of doing well in the PSC Result 2022.

PSC Gonit Suggestion 2022

PSC Suggestion is must for upcoming PSC examination 2022 which is schedule to start from November 17, 2022.

PSC Routine 2022 PDF Download

PSC Short Syllabus 2022 PDF

PEC Short Syllabus 2022 PDF

We have gathered primary school certificate(PSC) examination suggestion from a reputed schools in Bangladesh. do you heard of Rajshahi Government PN Girls School? It is one of the oldest school in Rajshahi division.

PSC Math Suggestion 2019 Pdf Download

It is offering quality education to Bangladeshi girls. Moreover it’s students are doing better in examination. There are some reasons behind this.

The School has appointed some brilliant and skilled teacher for teaching and making guideline for students. They are working for introducing new suggestion for PSC exam 2022.

Therefore, the psc model test examination has been arranged in this school some days ago. We have collected the model test question for all subject.

You can follow the model test questions. Because you may find questions common in PSC examination 2022 from this model test questions.

PSC Bangla Suggestion 2022

We are happy to announce that we have published Bangla suggestion for PSC exam 2022. The downloading process is very easy.

PSC English Suggestion 2022

English is very important for PSC examination. It is a hard subject for student of Bangladesh. There is lack of expert teacher for teaching English to primary school students.

That’s why Bangladeshi student fear English very much. To solve this problem we are bringing PSC English suggestion for PSC exam 2022.

Our English suggestion is an exclusive suggestion for you. We suggest you to follow this suggestion because you may get 95% common in the upcoming examination.


Class Five

Subject : English Full Marks- 100

Time :2.30 Hours

Seen Comprehension (33 Marks)

Read the text and answer the questions 1,2,3 and 4.

Babul and his family live on the island of Dubler Char. Life is good for the family now, but that wasn’t true after Cyclone Aila. Babul doesn’t remember Cyclone Aila, but his parents often talk about that terrible night in 2022. Babul’s father had a grocery shop and his mother worked in a fish farm. They had a small house that they shared with Babul’s grandparents. Babul was just a baby, but his sister Nipa was six years old. Babul’s father told him what happened that day. There was light rain in the morning on 25 May. In the afternoon, the wind started to blow and people began to run for their homes. Babul’s father closed his shop and his mother came home. His grandparents checked the family emergency kit. Their torch was working and they had extra batteries. They put the torch, batteries and first aid kit in plastic box. By the evening, the river was rising. The winds of Cyclone Aila shook the walls of the house as if there was an earthquake. Everyone was afraid. Nipa began to cry. Suddenly, there was an awful noise and the family’s roof blew away! The sky was dark, but the family could see trees flying over their heads. Grandmother still says she saw fish flying through the sky. 1. Match the words of column A with the similar meaning of column B.1×5=5

2. Write’true’or correct statement and false’ for incorrect one. 1×6= 6
a) Babul’s family is in danger now.
b) They had a great tragedy in life during Cyclone Aila.
c) The family had no preparation for the storm.
d) By the evening, the river was very wild.
e) The family members didn’t live in separate house.
f) Babul’s father did nothing for the family.

PSC English Suggestion 2019
3. Answer the questions in your own English. 2×6= 12
a) Where was Babul’s house?
b) What did Babul hear from his parents?
c) What happened in the afternoon?
d) Why was everybody afraid ?
e) Who checked the family emergency kit?
f) When did Cyclone Aila finally hit ?
4. Write a short composition on Cyclone Aila’

Unseen Comprehension (31 marks)

Read the text and answer the questions no. 5,6,7 and 8.
Roni lives with his parents in a beautiful house. There is a big yard in front of their house. Roni reads in a local government primary school. He is a student of class 5. He likes gardening. He has made a flower garden in front of their house. It gives him much pleasure. Everyday Roni works in the garden at least an hour. On holidays, he works more in the garden. His parents help him in the garden. Roni waters the plants regularly. He keeps the garden clean. He has made a fence around the garden to save the plants from cows and goats. There are many kinds of flowers in the garden. He becomes happy when the garden is full of flowers. When anybody comes, he takes them into his garden to show flowers. They become surprised and happy to see the garden. Roni also grows some vegetables in one corner of the garden. His mother is very happy to have the vegetables. Roni feels very proud of his garden.

5. Fill in the gaps with suitable words from the box. 1×5=5

garden/ surprised /daily /regularly /field/ vegetables/ sad/ fence

a) Roni plants flowers in his —— b) A —— protects his garden. c) The visitors become —– to visit the garden. d) ——- grow in the garden, too. e) Roni works in the garden——
6. Write true for correct statement or false for incorrect one. 1×6=6
a) Roni lives in a comfortable house.
b) He possesses a garden.
c) Everyday Roni puts fertilizer in his garden.
d) His parents do not like his garden.
e) Roni feels delighted to see the flowers.
f) His mother is happy for the flowers.
7. Answer the following questions in a sentence or sentences. 2×5=10
a) Why does Roni make a flower garden?
b) Who help him in the garden?
c)What does Roni plant in the garden?

PSC English Suggestion 2019
d) When does he feel happy?
e) How does he keep the garden safe?
8. Suppose you are Ruba and your friend is Nila . Now write a letter to her about your hobby. Indicate date, address, salutation, main points for the letter, clossing and use punctuation properly]
10 9. Make WH questions for the underlined words for each sentences below. 2×5=10
a) Saikat is weak in English.
b) Jessica is from the UK.
c) She is suffering from the flu.
d) You can go sailing by sea truck.
e) Tamim plays cricket on weekends.
10. Read the instructions and answer the questions below. 1+2+3= 6
Guidelines to be healthy
a) Eat balanced food.
b) Sleep well after hard labour.
c) Do exercise regularly.
d) Play regularly.
e) Keep your body and clothes clean.
f) Drink enough water.
i) What food do you eat to be healthy?( Knowledge)
ii) Why should you sleep well after hard labor?(Understanding)
iii) How can you enjoy good health? (Application)
11. Answer the following questions and use am/pm where necessary. The first one is done for you.

a) When do you get up ? Ans: I get up at 6 am.

b) When do you go to school?

c) When do you attend your 1″ period?

d) When does your tiffin break start?

e) When does your school break up?

f) When do you usually play with your friends?

12. Rearrange the words in correct order to make meaningful sentences.
a) ready,disasters, we,for, natural, should, be.
b) can, see,flowers, not, Maria, the, garden, the, in ?
c) Near, go, let, him, us, in, English, speak, to.
d) Voice, nice, a, Bluster, what, had !
e) speaks, he, fires, preventing, about.

PSC English Suggestion 2019