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PSC Short Syllabus 2022 PDF Download All Subjects PEC Exam 2022

The Board of Directors of Primary Education has made a new announcement today. According to this announcement, PSC examination will be held on top of the short syllabus. If you want to get the short syllabus of PSC in PDF file format, you can download the short syllabus from our website.

Those who are going to take the PSC exam and those who have PSC examinees at home, download the short syllabus of PSC from our website and start studying according to the short syllabus. So you can download the short syllabus to get proper preparation in a short time and make the students enthusiastic about their studies. Go to the bottom of our website and download the PSC Syllabus 2021 PDF from there.

PEC Syllabus 2021

Educational institutions have been closed for a long time due to the Corona situation in present day Bangladesh. Considering the health risks of the students, the Hon’ble Minister of Education has closed the educational institutions for about 18 months and provided education to the students online.

In addition, the Minister of Education has closed the educational institutions and suspended the examinations to prevent the spread of corona virus. However, those whose board exams were due to be held were allowed to pass the next class through auto pass.

However, at the initiative of the present Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, vaccination of coronavirus has started. As a result, coronavirus infection is greatly reduced. So now it has been decided by the Minister of Education and the National Board of Education that the examinations will be held and the examinations will be held at the scheduled time. That’s why there is no point in wasting your time anymore. Students who are going to participate in the PSC exam of 2021 must start studying and give up thinking on the auto side.

PSC Routine 2021 PDF Download

PSC Short Syllabus 2021 PDF

PEC Short Syllabus 2021 PDF

Note that your exam will be held within the stipulated time and in a short syllabus. Many may wonder why the short syllabus was prepared? There is a significant reason for this. Because the educational institutions have been closed for a long time, the students could not go to their respective educational institutions to study. Moreover, all the education provided online is not self-contained. In this case, if the students take the test on top of the whole book, they will definitely fail the test or get bad results in the test.

Syllabus of Class 5 in Bangladesh 2021

Considering the students, the National Board of Education and the Hon’ble Minister of Education held a discussion with other advisors to the government. It is decided through this discussion that the students i.e. PSC candidates will be tested on top of the short syllabus. Exam question papers will be prepared based on all the lessons or chapters taught online and focusing on important chapters.

Therefore, as a student, it is everyone’s responsibility to study within the stipulated time and revise the short syllabus. Moreover, it is safe to say that students have been distracted from their studies for a long time due to their distance from the institution. In this situation, a short syllabus has been prepared for the purpose of educating the students towards school and increasing their interest in studies.

Primary Short Syllabus 2021 PDF Download for PSC Exam 2021

This is because when a student is able to achieve good results by taking exams on a short syllabus, his / her interest and speed of work will increase. Therefore, considering all the aspects, the PSC candidates have to take the exam on a short syllabus and they have to take proper preparation as the exam will be held within the stipulated time. 2021 Syllabus

Important chapters based on the subject have been added in the short syllabus. In other words, if a student reads all the important chapters in his textbook, he will be able to use the lessons in the next class. Those who may think that students would be judged fairly if they were tested on a full book, would have to consider other students.

Because students in remote areas of Bangladesh and where students could not participate in online classes due to lack of proper devices and internet connection, it will be impossible for them to test on the entire syllabus. Therefore, this decision has been taken considering the students of all levels of Bangladesh and the students of Komalmati.

So as a conscious parent and as a conscious teacher you must make students interested in learning and increase their awareness of learning. So without delay, you can download the short syllabus of the PSC exam, i.e. the JSC exam that will be held in 2021, from our website and prepare for the short syllabus for your students in a short time.

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