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Primary Education Completion Examination(PECE) is going on. It has a short form that is PECE. In Bangladesh it is also known as PSC.

Have you taken part in PSC exam 2019? Then most probably you are searching for PSC question 2019 of all subject. In this article we will discuss on various things related to PSC question 2019 and how to download PSC question solution 2019 from our website.

So you are requested to read this article carefully, so that you don’t miss anything about this article and PSC exam question 2019.

PSC Math Question 2019

Are you looking for PSC question 2019 for the upcoming PSC examination? Then you are on the right place. Because this article is written to guide you how to collect PSC question 2019 and how to save it on your devices.

PSC Routine 2021 PDF Download

PSC Short Syllabus 2021 PDF

PEC Short Syllabus 2021 PDF

You know that PSC examination is going to start from November 17, 2019. The very first examination is English.

This year millions of student are participating in Primary School Certificate(PSC) examination under Directorate of Primary Education(DPE). It is a matter of get concern that thousands of student are absent in the examination.

There are some reasons behind their absent from participating in PSC exam 2019. We can discuss that some days. Today we will only discuss about PSC question 2019.

PSC Gonit Question 2019

Many Bangladeshi student things that every year public examination question will be published before the exam. They call it question out. And some people also call it question paper leak.

You know that question paper leaking is a great crime in Bangladesh. It goes against the law of Bangladesh. Moreover Bangladesh government is very strict for stopping question paper leak in Bangladesh.

Though some people think that question paper will be leaked. They are living in fools world. No question paper was leaked in last two years. The credit goes to education minister Dr Dipu Moni.

PSC Bangla Question 2019

Some foolish people of Bangladesh will search for PSC Bangla question out 2019. But they are completely wrong. Because they can’t find any question paper leak in internet or some other places.

Most probably you know that police arrested some of student for taking illegal means during PSC examination. They are arrested for copying during examination.

PSC Bangla Question Out 2019

PSC English Question 2019

English question out! No chance is there for PSC English question paper leak. So if you are looking for PSC English question out, then stop there where you are. No question paper will be leaked during PSC examination. So you should read your book according to your syllabus. And take good preparation for English examination.

Do you know how to take preparation for English examination? If you don’t know then you can follow our suggestion for English subject. We will provide you 100% common English short suggestion for psc exam 2019.

PSC English Question Out 2019

PSC Model Question 2022

We have collected model questions for all subject of primary school certificate examination. All those model questions are collected from reputed schools and coaching centre of Bangladesh.

You know that there are some Coaching Centre for providing short solution to student. And sometime miracle happens. Students got common questions during examination. So they believe that if they follow reputated coaching centers model question then you may find common in examination.

PECE Question 2019

Primary Education Completion Examination(PECE) is going to be start from November 17, 2019 around Bangladesh. Official Result BD is such a website who are solving all question paper in Bangladeshi public exam.

A few days ago, JSC examination 2019 was over. And the website has successfully make answer of all the question paper of that examination.

Like that, it is expected that the website will also solve PSC questions for all subjects. Take a look on this website and we will publish PSC question solve 2019 very soon.

PSC English Question 2019

Are you looking for PSC English question 2019? Then you are on right place. Because we will give you PSC English Real Question 2019! Yes, real means real. We will provide you the 100% real English question.

Do you know when? Yea, we will only publish question after the completion of the exam. So to get today’s (November 17, 2019) PSC English question, you have to wait till the exam ends.

We will upload question & it’s answer to our website after the English exam. We are obedient to Bangladeshi laws & custom. So, please stay with us.

NB: We publish no question paper. And we know it is a great crime. Moreover,we are respectful to Government law.

PSC English Question Solution 2019

1. Fill in the gap with appropriate word from the box.

a) The flower smell ——-and fresh. Ans: sweet

b) Maria gets ready for——-. Ans: School

c) Maria is a ——student. Ans: regular

d) Visually impaired persons can—–with the help of Braille. Ans: read

e) Maria——–her daily life. Ans: enjoys

2. True or False.

a) Maria can not hear the singing of the birds. Ans: False. Correct Answer: Maria can hear the singing of the birds.

b) Maria likes to be with her friends. Ans: True

c) A visually impaired student is not able to study. Ans: False. Correct Answer: A visually impaired student is able to study with the help of Braille.

d) Maria can read Braille. Ans: True

e) Maria enjoys reading story books. Ans: False. Correct Answer: Maria enjoys reading poems and History.

f) Maria is a slow learner. Ans: False. Correct Answer: Maria is a quick/good learner.

3. Answer the following questions in a sentence or sentences.

a) Ans: Maria gets up early in the morning.

b) Ans: Maria eats her breakfast and puts her book in the bag.

c) Ans: Because Maria is visually impaired.

d) Ans: Braille is a script. Visually impaired people can read with Braille. Braille uses raised dots.

e) Ans: Because Maria is a young girl and can read with Braille.

f) Ans: Maria can not see the beautiful spring day and can not see the beautiful flowers.

4. Write a short composition about a visually impaired person you know.

Visual impairment, also known as vision impairment or vision loss, is a decreased ability to see to a degree that causes problems not fixable by usual means, such as glasses. I know such a person named Faruk Hosasin. He can not see the beautiful spring day and can not see the beautiful flowers. He enjoys reading story and History. He lead a very simple life.


Conclusion: We hope that this article helped you understand about PSC question 2019 and PSC question 2019 out. Please leave a comment below on how much you like our article. Thank you very much for reading this article. Please stay tuned with us. Thank you.

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