Primary Scholarship Result 2023 Check Now

Primary Scholarship Result 2023 Check Now

In 2023, students or parents of students who want to know the preliminary scholarship results have been arranged to view the results on our website. The result of this scholarship taken in 2022 through Directorate of Primary Education is finally released and as the result is released in PDF file form, we are providing it to you through this post. On the 30th of December 2022, the scholarship exam was taken directly without taking the primary education final exam and 10% students of every educational institution across the country got the opportunity to participate in this exam. Finally the answer sheet evaluation is done and this result is released and you may be able to check the result after the release of the result.

www Result 2023

Class 5 Scholarship Result Talent Pool & General Student List

At first we came to know that no kind of primary education final examination will be conducted in 2022 and there will be no provision of any kind of scholarship examination through it. Although all students are given the opportunity to participate in the final examination of primary education, the Department of Primary Education informed that ten percent of the students of each educational institution or each class will get the opportunity to participate in the increase examination that is being taken at present. Based on that information the students of each class can participate in the examination and the students will be selected for the scholarship either through their respective performance or through answer writing.

Class 5 Scholarship Result 2023

Primary Scholarship Result 2023

As we have provided you with every suggestion for this scholarship exam in the earlier like from publishing the routine, now through this post we will provide you this result in PDF file form. Since the Directorate of Primary Education has published this result for you, if you provide the result without delay, you will get the list of scholarship students according to the district or upazila and from there you can know the result according to the roll number. For the convenience of the students, we have arranged to publish different types of suggestions and different types of results regularly, but we have arranged this scholarship exam result very important for you so that you can see the result first and be sure. Primary Scholarship Result 2023

Class 5 Scholarship Result 2023

The Primary Education Ending Examination will no longer be conducted through the Directorate of Primary Education and as per rules it will be seen that the scholarship examination will continue. So, to know the information about the scholarship exam or to get the next update of the scholarship exam, stay with us and check the result of this scholarship exam taken on 30th December 2022. To see the result of the scholarship exam, you have to follow the right rules and within the right rules, we will give you Those who have come to see the results which are always mentioned or by visiting our website go below and download the PDF file.

Primary Scholarship Result 2023 Google Drive Link

৫ম শ্রেণীর বৃত্তি পরীক্ষার রেজাল্ট দেখার নিয়ম

We will present the list of upazila based scholarship students and from there you can easily find the information of the student according to the roll number used in the scholarship examination. If you find the roll number of the student, you can understand whether the student has got the talent pool or general grade scholarship. Apart from wishing the scholarship students the best of luck, those who have now passed the sixth standard should complete the lessons of each class properly so that they have the basic idea and understand the lessons of the next class well. This post ends here with best wishes and prayers for every student.