Bangladesh Police Constable Job Circular 2021 PDF Download Trainee Recruit Constable

Bangladesh Police Constable Job Circular 2023 PDF Download Trainee Recruit Constable

A recruitment circular has been published for the post of Bangladesh Police Constable. You will get the recruitment notification for the post of Trainee Recruit Constable in Bangladesh Police from our website. Below we will give you this recruitment notice as well as all the rules and requirements that have been requested. So you download and read the circular published in the post of Trainee Recruit Constable.

And you have to complete the application process online within the stipulated time. Besides, the recruitment circular also mentions when and where the examination will be held and how many people will be recruited in which district. At the bottom of our website, Bangladesh Police Constable Job Circular 2023 is given to you.

Trainee Recruit Constable 2023

A huge number of trainee recruit constables will be appointed for the purpose of providing overall security to the people of Bangladesh keeping in view the discipline, security and progress. So those who want to work for the country and want to work for the people of the country should apply within the stipulated time as per the qualifications mentioned below.

BD Police Job Circular 2023 Download PDF

If you participate in this work with the vow of service to the country, you will be able to serve the country along with a healthy and beautiful life. So you should apply according to the age mentioned below and the mentioned qualification. You should carefully read every article of this post on our website to apply and read the circular carefully.

Bangladesh Police Constable Job Circular 2021 PDF Download Trainee Recruit Constable

This is one of the biggest rules in the post of Trainee Recruit Constable of Bangladesh Police. So all the persons who have the mentioned qualifications and age should apply for this post very soon. Those who are wondering how to complete the application process and what are the requirements, will read the circular from beginning to end. Moreover, detailed information about the age and various qualifications of a candidate has been explained on our website. So you can read the step by step application process from our website or download the circular and read it.

Bangladesh Police Constable Job Circular 2023 PDF Download

Police Constable Job Circular 2023 PDF Download

The circular was published on the official website of Bangladesh on the night of September 9. We have given the circular to you on our website for easy access. Those who want to apply for the post of Trainee Recruit Constable should read this post carefully. Then you can know the detailed information about the application process as well as download the recruitment notice.

Police Constable Vacancy List 2023 PDF

Application Deadline for the post of Trainee Recruit Constable: If you want to apply online for the post of Training Recruit Constable i.e. TRC of Bangladesh Police, then the application process will start from 10th September and this application process will end on 7th October. Since this is a big circular and many candidates will apply by accepting this information in this recruitment notice, you should first complete the application process. Because if the server is jammed later, you will get in trouble when you go to apply and you may not be able to apply.

Bangladesh Police Constable Job Circular 2023 PDF
Trainee Recruit Constable i.e. various qualifications to apply for the post of TRC: – All the candidates between the ages of 18 to 20 years are eligible to apply for this post. Moreover, those who are within the stated age till October 7, 2001 can apply. Moreover an applicant must have at least 2.5 GPA in SSC or equivalent examination. If any applicant below this has low GPA, they are considered eligible to apply.

According to the Trainee Recruit Constable Job Circular, permanent citizens of Bangladesh can apply for this post. According to the circular, both men and women of Bangladesh can apply. Moreover, how many women and how many men can apply in a district has been mentioned in the circular. For that purpose you will read the circular carefully from the beginning to the end. Moreover unmarried candidates can apply for this post. You cannot apply for this position if you have been married or divorced in the past. Job Circular 2023

All male candidates who will apply for the post should be 5 feet 6 inches in height. All women who apply for the position must be 5 feet 4 inches tall. However, for those who belong to a minority community and have male children of freedom fighters, the height should be at least 5 feet 4 inches. And in case of small ethnic group and freedom fighter women and children, the height should be 5 feet 2 inches.

All these candidates will apply for the post of Trainee Recruit Constable. Their weight and height must be of approved measure. How will this qualification be measured in both women and men? Moreover the eyesight of every candidate should be 6/6. We have tried to highlight all the types of qualifications mentioned above. Even after that you will be able to know the detailed information after the recruitment notification. Below we discuss in detail the rules for applying online.

All male and female candidates will complete the application process online. In this case you will go to any online store near you and receive this service. You can apply from 10 am on September 10, 2023 to 5 pm on October 7. You will apply within the specified time and after applying you will get a user ID. After completing the online application, you will pay 30 taka service charge on the user ID within 72 hours.

Moreover, when applying online, you will fill in all the information correctly and no spelling mistakes will be made. Moreover, you will use freshly taken pictures when giving pictures. Those who want to pay money on their own after applying online can read the circular and know the details of how to pay through SMS. Moreover, once the money is paid, you will receive a confirmation SMS. Remember, your application process will not be completed until you pay. So in addition to providing all the information online, you pay on time.

According to the information in the circular, preliminary screening tests will be held in different districts on scheduled days. In this case the physical fitness of the candidates will be measured. Candidates will be held a written test in their 45 markets if they pass the physical test. Those who will pass the test will be followed by a psychological oral test of 15 marks.

After that, police verification will be done by preparing merit list according to the number and quota of each district based candidates. After the police verification, if all the information is received correctly and there is no problem from any side, the next health check will be done. In addition, you will need to bring some papers with you to the district police line near you or for the preliminary screening. They are very nicely mentioned in the circular. So on the day of the preliminary screen, you will take every paper with you properly.

In the recently published circular, you will see at the end the date on which the physical tolerance test of your district will be held. Moreover, you should read the circular to know the date on which your written test and psychological and oral test will be held. You can comment on our website if you have any questions about applying for the post of Trainee Recruit Constable and any further questions. May everyone’s future life be happy.