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Do you want to download the short syllabus of Directorate of Primary Education? Then for you, at the bottom of our website, the updates made by the Director of Primary Education are given with all the syllabus. So all the students, teachers and parents who need this syllabus can go to the bottom of our website and download it completely free of cost. For PSC candidates, this short syllabus has been downloaded very easily on our website.

This syllabus is very important for all the gentle students in your home who will be able to participate in the upcoming 2022 PSC exam. Due to this preparation on the topic mentioned in the syllabus, the students will participate in the PSC examination of 2022.

So there is no substitute for a short syllabus for proper preparation in a short time. However the syllabus of the course of primary education has been fixed in the directory and the question paper will be prepared depending on the topics and chapters mentioned in this syllabus.

PEC Syllabus 2022

Parents or students who have not yet downloaded or received the short syllabus of the Directorate of Primary Education can download the syllabus PDF file from our website. Once you have downloaded this PDF file, you will be able to photocopy it and prepare from all the chapters and topics in the syllabus. So every student i.e. those who are going to sit for the PSC exam of 2022, should download the short syllabus and read it carefully in these 2 months and take full preparation. So it will be possible for every student to achieve good results only if he studies properly without neglecting the time now.

The question that may arise in the minds of many is why this short syllabus was formulated and how much can a student learn in this short syllabus? In fact a short syllabus will not be able to fully educate a student. However, taking exams in its short syllabus is much more effective and important than giving auto pass.

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PSC Short Syllabus 2022 PDF

PEC Short Syllabus 2022 PDF

This is because when a student passes the auto, he is not properly evaluated and he does not have any knowledge or idea about the student textbook. However, there are few chapters in the short syllabus and the chapters that have been collected are very important.

All these chapters will be very useful for studying in the next class. So without asking any questions about the short syllabus, thank the short syllabus and collect this short syllabus. Give these short syllabi to all the students who can participate in the PSC exam held in 2022 and create interest in them to prepare.

Syllabus of Class 5 Exam in Bangladesh 2022

There is nothing new to say that the educational institutions of our country have been closed for a long time. In March 2020, educational institutions in the country were shut down due to a sudden outbreak of the Karna virus.

The Hon’ble Minister of Education of Bangladesh and the National Board of Education of Bangladesh have decided to temporarily provide higher education from primary level to higher education in order to reduce the immunity of the soft-spoken students and to prevent coronary infections from spreading among the media students. Announces closure.

Later, in 2022, when the coronavirus vaccine was given to people all over Bangladesh, the Corona situation in the country returned to normal. So students now without wasting time and without auto passing if they take the exam properly then they will be interested in studying and will be able to evaluate themselves properly with the exam.

In fact, as much as the coronavirus has affected students and other levels of people financially and from other countries, it may be alleviated to some extent by participating in these tests. So I think the Hon’ble Education Minister has made the right decision. The task of a student is to study properly and to assimilate and comprehend the topics covered in the textbook. 2022 Syllabus

But due to the coronavirus, the number of educational institutions being closed is increasing day by day and there are many students who are addicted to mobile phones and start keeping themselves away from studies. So the students have now been assigned the right responsibilities and the students have been asked to prepare at the right time.

Therefore, according to the decision of the State Minister for Primary and Mass Education, the short syllabus has been prepared. You can download that short syllabus. Provide students with that short syllabus and encourage them to study.

Primary Short Syllabus 2022 PDF Download for PSC Exam 2022