Pabna Zilla School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

Pabna Zilla School is a reputed and significant educational institution of Pabna. Every year many students from this educational institution finish their studies by achieving good results with due achievement. This educational institution was established in 1853.

This educational institution is located at A. Hamid Road, Gopalpur, Pabna. The motto of this educational institution is “Come for education, go out for service”. Under the supervision of the headmaster Mohammad Hujjatullah and other teachers, the students of this educational institution continue to get proper education.

Apart from formal education, there are 6 types of co-educational activities such as debate clubs, scouts, BNCC clubs. Students can enrich their knowledge by getting involved in these. Moreover, various national days are celebrated in this educational institution with ample ceremonies.

The students of this educational institution are RC Dutt, Sir Fazle Abed Hossain, Shamsul Rahman Shafir Dilu, Dr. Abu Hena Mostafa Kamal and others. Every year 240 students get the opportunity to study in this educational institution through admission test. Like every year, in 2023 academic year, this educational institution publishes a notification for admission.

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Pabna Zilla School is accepting online application for admission in 2023 academic year like every year. Like every year, this year too many students apply for admission in the educational institution. However, this year’s admission test will be by an exceptional means because the country’s education system has been temporarily suspended due to the current coronavirus.

This exceptional initiative has been taken to ensure that students do not fall prey to the outbreak of the corona virus in public examinations. Like every year, this year also the students will pick up the application form online. But there will be no admission test this year.

A lottery will be arranged on the basis of the admission forms of the students who will collect the online admission forms in Pabna Zilla School. Therefore, students will be able to submit the application for admission in Pabna Zilla School from December 15 to 26 and a final result will be given on December 30 on the basis of that application. The admission form of this educational institution costs 110 rupees.

A lottery is arranged for the students who have applied for admission in Pabna Zilla School. The educational institution has published the list of names of the students whose names have been selected by random selection.

If you want to download the PDF file of the list of students who have got the opportunity in Pabna Zilla School in 2023 academic year, then go to our website and click on the download option. On our website you can easily download the list of eligible students from various government educational institutions besides Pabna Zilla School.

Pabna Zilla School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download

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