Ojur Doa, Niyat, Niom in Bangla (ওযু করার দোয়া, নিয়ত ও নিয়ম)

Ojur Doa, Niyat, Niom in Bangla (ওযু করার দোয়া, নিয়ত ও নিয়ম)

Oju is a very essential part of namaz. There are some rules of doing Urdu according to Islam. You need to recite Ojur Dua in order to perform Namaz. There is a guideline of Niyat for doing Oju. In this article we will discuss about Oju korar Niom in Bangla. So if you are looking for information regarding Oju, then this article is special for you. We will also discuss about ওযু করার দোয়া, নিয়ত ও নিয়ম. So let’s get started.


What is Oju

Oju is the cleaning before Namaz. It is Bangla name of the task which is done before performing prayer. It is a must for performing namaj. Let’s take a look for the definition of Oju.

Oju is the ritual washing performed by Muslims before prayer. Muslims must be clean and wear good clothes before they present themselves before God. Muslims start in the name of God, and begin by washing the right, and then the left hand three times.

This definition is taken from bbc.co.uk. Now we talk about Ojur doa or Oju korar Dua.

Oju Korar Doa

According to Islamic rule there is a special dua for performing Oju. You have to decide it carefully in order to get Sowab. So if you are looking for that special doa, then you can easily collect it from our website.

Do you know how to download Oju Doa in Bangla? If you don’t know then just follow our step by step process in order to get it.

At first you have to visit our website. After visiting our website you need to navigate to festival menu.

There you will find out Oju niom, niyat and doa.

Click on that link. And save it in your device.

That’s the process of downloading Oju Doa.

Now we will talk about Ojur Niyat.

Oju Korar Niyat

Are you looking for the Niyat for performing oju before praying to Allah? Then you are on the right website. Because from this website you can download Ojur niyat in Bangla and Arabic.

That task is specially done before sitting for Oju. It is very essential part of Namaz. So you must memorize it.

You know that Arabic pronunciation varries in Bengali language. So there is a problem with it. Then what is the solution of reciting niyat?

Yes there is alternative ways for doing this. You can carefully read the pronunciation which is written in the below picture.

Oju Korar Doa

There is a dua for performing oju. You need to recite this dua before doing Oju.

Dua Qunoot Bangla PDF Free Download দোয়া কুনুত বাংলা উচ্চারণ সহ

তারাবির নামাজের দোয়া, নিয়ত, মুনাজাত এবং নিয়ম

অযুর/ওযুর দোয়া, নিয়ত, নিয়ম ও ওযুর শেষের দোয়া

Ojur Doa, Niyat, Niom in Bangla (ওযু করার দোয়া, নিয়ত ও নিয়ম)

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