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Welcome to the official website of SSC Result 2020. This is one of the best websites for checking ssc result approved by Education Ministry Bangladesh. Anyone can browse this website in order to collect their result with mark sheet.

For the easy use of this result checking system, we have enabled some smart features. They are Latest AI Technology, High Responsive Server, Quick Response, SMS Based Result Check and so on.

We have embedded 3 alternative server with our website. So it works very fine. You can try now.

Official Result BD

We are very interested to declare that we have published step by step instructions to educate you the entire processes. The students don’t know how to check the result, can acquire knowledge from those tutorial.


Check SSC Result 2020

By giving information relating to ssc exam 2020, you can check your result from 2.00 pm.

Update: Result will be published on May 6, at 2.00 pm.

Note That: Any change of result publication date will be updated here regularly.

Here is the form you need to fill up in order to check you SSC Result 2020.

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Server list for checking ssc result.

Server 1: Education Board Result

Server 2: Web Based Result

Server 3: Official Result BD

Now we are going to show you proper guidelines to get your result checked.

Education Board Result

This is the super fast server of Education Board Bangladesh. Eleven Education Board is maintained by this website. SSC result of those education boards can be easily checked through this website.

Therefore the website is mobile friendly. It is fast source of collecting SSC result.

This website established in 2004. From then it is working for providing examination result to students. This website has easy navigation today result checking function.

Anyone can easily check their examination result from this website. Please check your result from the below function.

You need to select your examination year and board name. After that you will have to input your roll and registration number in the respective forms.

We hope that you have successfully collected your SSC result from the above menu.

Have you failed to collect your result from this page? Then don’t worry dear. Because we are always trying to help you out.

Now we will show you step by step instruction. By following our instruction you will learn how to check the result from this page.

At first you have to visit the official website of Education Board result. We have we already talk about the website. You can simply visit that website by clicking on this link.

After visiting the website you will need to follow step by step process from the guideline. And guideline is given below.

1. Select examination name: SSC/equivalent

2. Select your examination year: 2020

3. Choose your education Board

4. Input your roll number.

5. Input your registration number.

6. Solve the captcha challenge.
7. Click on submit button.

We hope you have successfully collected your SSC result by following the process. Now we are going to show your II alternative website for checking your SSC result 2020.

Web Based Result

Web based result or is the second official website of Education Board. This website is maintained by Education ministry of Bangladesh.

From this website you can collect analysis of all public examination result. SSC result 2020 with marksheet can be easily collected from this website without facing any problem.

And this website is super fast. Therefore anyone can collect their examination result within a minute from this server.

Do you know how to get the result from this website with Marksheet? if you don’t know then just follow the step by step process from below.

After visiting this website you need to provide some information regarding your SSC examination.

By inputing your roll and registration number you can easily check your marksheet. Here is what you need to do.

1. Select your examination name as SSC/HSC/Equivalent.

2. Choose examination year 2020.

3. Select your examination board.

4. Input your roll number from admit card.

5. Accurately provide your registration number from your registration card.
6. Click on submit button.

That’s all you need to follow in order to check your SSC result 2020. And now we will talk about the third website of education board for checking SSC examination result 2020 with marksheet.

Official Result BD

Official result BD is the alternative website for checking out SSC examination result with marksheet and detail number sheet. This website remains live though the rest two goes to down. So it is the best alternatives of collecting SSC result. This website is not a government owned website.

According to this websites’ structure it is very easy to navigate. But you have to maintain a guideline in order to get SSC result from this website. Here we are going to give you proper instructions so that you can learn the process.

Very first step is visiting the website.

After after visiting it you need to input your roll, registration and board name.

Providing with this information only you can collect your SSC result from this website. So it is very easy then all other websites of Education Board.

SSC Result 2020 Marksheet

Students are anxious to see the results along with the marksheet. They get an idea of their test by knowing how many numbers they get. That is why it is important to see the results with the marksheet.

However, it is a sad fact that many do not know how to view SSC results with online marksheets. You can find out from our website. And if you want you can easily view your SSC Result Marksheet and number from our website.

So it’s not too late to start the main discussion. First we will try to see our result. You can view your results by providing the information you need from the following frame.

If you fail to see the result for some reason, I will discuss it in the next paragraph. So let’s get started.

There are two alternative websites for collecting SSC result with marksheet. But it is a matter of great dissatisfaction that both the website remain down during the result publication period. So what is the solution of this problem?

There is a very smart solution from official result BD team. The team has developed a new software for collecting SSC result with marksheet during the server down of official website.

This application is available in Google play store. You can download the official application by visiting this link.

In order to check your marksheet you need to launch this application. After opening the app you need to select your education board and examination year. Then you have to input your roll and registration number in a respected box. And finally click on submit button.

We hope that you have collected your examination result.

Majority of Bangladeshi people don’t have access to the internet. So how do they collect their result? Yes SMS system is the solution of this problem. Now we will give you proper guidelines for collecting SSC examination result 2020 by mobile message.

SSC Result 2020 by SMS

As a result of digitalization in the sector of education, this sector is developing very fast. All the public examination result can be collected by sms.

Bangladesh is moving very fast in the field of education. Due to some steps taken by the government of Bangladesh, huge improvement in education system is being noticed. As the rate of education has increased, the rate of higher education has increased.

Thousands of educational institutions have formed in the country considering the increasing demand. This is because of the increased test method. More tests are being conducted now than ever before.

SSC test examination was taken in the month of February 2020. And it is time to declare SSC test result. And the result will be declared through online and SMS method.

But if you have to keep in mind that SMS charges applicable for every SMS.

Do you know how to check SSC result by sms? If you don’t know then follow the step by step process below to learn about the process.

At first open mobile message menu. On that menu you will find that write message option. Type the exact format we provide below. You have to be accurate while typing the message. Because on your message your result will depends.

Be careful while typing your roll and Registration number. If you you wrongly type the number then your result will not be shown in the reply message. And if your SMS format is OK, then your result with marksheet will be received in your message inbox within a minute.

SMS Format:

SSC DHA 123456 2020

Send this message to 16222.

You have to edit the SMS format in order to check your board SSC result. And always be very careful while inputting your roll number in the message.

Official Result BD - All Result of Bangladesh

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SSC Exam Result 2020

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Some of you have a question that when will SSC result be published. The question is normal because nobody knows when the result will be declared by the Directorate of primary education authority.

The SSC examination 2019 was held around Bangladesh from November 17 to 24. It is going to be 2 month the exam has ended. So finally the SSC result date is come.

You can learn more about probable date of SSC result from

According to a notice published by official result BD, the result can be checked with marksheet and number from various educational websites. Official Result BD and Education Board result are two of them.

They also prescribe how to check SSC result with marksheet from official result BD. You can click here to learn how you check your result with marksheet.

Dhaka Education Board SSC Result 2020

Bangladesh education ministry has successful to complete Secondary School Certificate examination. This year more than 26 lakhs student have taken part in SSC examination 2020 in Bangladesh.

This year the JSC examination was held at same routine for nine (09) Education Board. The examination was started on November 2, 2019 and ended on November 14, 2019.

As a notice published on Education Boards website, they said that ssc result is going to be published on December. The education board has completed all its preparation to get the result published.

Do you wonder about the exact result publication date? Then you can read our one of greatest articles about SSC result.

Firstly you need to visit official website of Dhaka education board in order to collect SSC result.

After visiting the website you need to import your roll and registration number.

By providing your roll and registration number you need to click on submit button.

Then your SSC result with marksheet will be automatically shown on your screen.

Rajshahi Board SSC result 2020

Thousands of student have taken part in SSC examination under rajshahi education board. They all are waiting eagerly for the publication of the examination result.

The two month has over from the examination held date, the word authority is not ready to declare the examination result. The world is facing a great problem because of coronavirus attack. So all the educational activities are come to standstill.

It is hoped that the result will be published in the month of June. After the declaration of the result it can be collected from the official website of rajshahi Education Board.

But it is a matter of great sorrow that many of you don’t know how to collect SSC result from online. There are two methods for checking the result. You can collect the result from online. And you can also check your result by sending mobile SMS to a particular number.

Now we are going to discuss both of the two methods one by one. Just follow the step-by-step process below to learn how to collect rajshahi Board SSC result with marksheet.

SSC Scholarship Result 2020

Secondary School Certificate(SSC) scholarship result has been published on November 19, 2020. Barisal Board become very fast for publishing SSC scholarship result of this board. This year more than 30,000 student will get SSC scholarship money from Bangladesh government.

SSC Scholarship Result 2019

Thousand of student are hoping for getting scholarship. But government’s capability is limited. So they can’t give everybody scholarship money due to some financial reason.

Official Result BD is creating great opportunity for checking any result. like that you can also check SSC scholarship result from this website. What you to do is just simply click the link below to go to scholarship page. Click here to download your SSC scholarship result 2019 PDF for all Education Board.

6. HSC scholarship Result 2019

Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) scholarship result 2019 has been published by official result BD.

HSC Scholarship Result 2019