NU Syllabus 2021 - Honours 1st Year PDF Download All Subjects

NU Syllabus 2023 1st Year PDF Download

Honours studying in various colleges under the National University are given with syllabus on our website for first year students. For those who are brand new in the first year of honours, we have provided the PDF file of this syllabus on our website. You can download PDF files of all syllabuses separately from degree based and subject based from the bottom of our website.

For your convenience, we have arranged to download the syllabus of all the departments including Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Social Sciences, Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Business Studies on our website. So you enter the honours first year course and download the department based syllabus separately from our website. If there is any problem in understanding the syllabus, write your problem in the comment box of our website.


NU Syllabus 1st Year 2023

Millions of students from all over Bangladesh are admitted in the first year of honours every year. Due to low number of seats in public universities, students take admission in various colleges under the National University. However, for the last few years, students are being admitted on the basis of SSC and HSC GPA. So students who have achieved good GPA in SSC and HSC are much more likely to get good subjects.

However, in order to get admission in the first tier colleges of the country on the basis of GPA, there was fierce competition and after getting GPA 5 twice, many did not get the opportunity to get admission in the first tier colleges of the country. Many people got the opportunity but did not get the desired subject. However, after all, the students have been admitted to various colleges in Bangladesh under the National University and are going to start their honours courses.

Since thematic courses are conducted here and the students have no knowledge of higher level studies. As a result, a student will not be able to easily understand the syllabus of the first year of honours and will not be able to understand how many marks will be tested and how many will be tested.

So for those students, we have arranged to download the syllabus of the first year National University syllabus in PDF format on our website. You can download this syllabus and understand according to the type of syllabus how many marks exams will be held in your first year and how many exams will be held.

I can say from my personal experience that I had no idea what the honours first year exam would look like and how many marks it would take. But the idea of ​​syllabus came from my esteemed teacher after listening to teachers and friends in different classes.

So you also get to know all the ideas through discussion on a personal level. Moreover, each cell has given a separate syllabus and if you look at the syllabus, you will understand how many subjects will be tested in the first year of your honours.

There are several types of courses for earning an honours degree. BSc is the name of the degree that those who are studying science will get after completing Honours. The course name for the students who will complete the Honours course in the language and other subjects of the humanities department is BA. BSS is the name of the course for students who are going to do Honours in Social Sciences.

And the name of the course for all the students who are going to start their first year studies with honours in Commerce subjects is BBA. While many may know the name of this degree or course, many students are not aware of it.

They just know what they got a chance at and what their honours course will be. Moreover, many students are not able to adapt to the fact that the honours level education is a completely different type of education and the environment is different. Again, there are many students who can start with honours and enjoy their life in a very beautiful way and with good results can pave the way for future improvement.

Honours First year students are always afraid of what their exams will be like and how they will continue their studies. Many students studying under the National University of Bangladesh do not come to the first year of honours and do not understand the study and the study is not so understandable to them. In that case students must first look at their honours first year syllabus. They need to get an idea of ​​what the issues might be and what the total number of topics they will be testing.

However, according to the new syllabus from the 2013-14 session of the National University, examinations of a total of 600 marks are held on 6 courses in the first year of honours. In this case, they have to take the 15-mark incourse test twice in the classroom. Moreover teachers keep 5 marks in their hands for attendance. Depending on the attendance in different colleges, the students are given the prescribed marks out of five marks and are sent to the National University in association with the Incourse marks.

And the remaining 60 marks have to be achieved by giving them exams in the final exam. Students can easily get good marks in each of the subjects under which honours courses are conducted under the National University. There are also some issues in which they are not able to get good marks even after working hard.

BA Syllabus 2023

Below are the subjects that the students who are going to start BA courses in different colleges of Bangladesh under the National University have. All the subjects that are doing this are Bengali, English, Sanskrit, Pali, Arabic, History, Philosophy, Islamic Studies, Islamic History and Culture etc. If you are enrolled in one of the subjects mentioned above and have started the class then the honours first year syllabus is waiting for you on our website. You can download all the above mentioned syllabus from our website completely free and easy.

BSS Syllabus 2023

Below are some of the topics that are available for students who will be pursuing a BSS degree, that is, an honours first year BSS degree. The subjects that BSS is doing are sociology, economics, political science, social work, anthropology, library and information science ‌ and home economics. So if you want to get the first year syllabus respecting the above mentioned topics, then you can collect this syllabus from our website. So students admitted to the Bachelor of Social Sciences course should download the honours first year syllabus from our website.

BSC Syllabus 2023

We are mentioning below all the subjects or departments that are available for the students who are enrolled in BSc course or all the students who are studying in science subjects to get honours degree. Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, Statistics, Mathematics subjects are included in BSc degree. So BSc is doing that all the students are already admitted and doing classes, but do not understand the study for the syllabus they download the syllabus from our website very fast.

Honours The first year students who are studying Commerce will get BBA degree at the end of Honours. Those who will get BBA degree have to study all the subjects are Accounting, Management, Marketing, Finance and Banking. So the syllabus of the subjects mentioned on our website has been given to you.

Our website always updates all kinds of information for the students studying under the National University. Since you are an honours first year student, you will always find information about your educational activities on our website. We will provide your test dates, test routines and test results on our website on a regular basis. So I am concluding this post with the wish that the honours life of the first year students will be smooth and beautiful and educational.