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Link NU Coronavirus Vaccine Registration 2021 Website Address

The National University has recently announced a new circular aimed at students. The content of this notice is about the vaccination of students. Students who are studying in the final year of Masters from the first year of honors under the National University will be able to participate in this vaccination program.

Therefore, every student should applaud this program of the National University. Every student should be vaccinated against the corona virus. We will discuss in detail on our website the National University students getting vaccinated against corona virus. Those who do not understand this will read this post carefully.

http://103 .113.200.29/student covidinfo/

In a notification issued today, July 9, some guidelines have been given to the students regarding vaccination against corona virus. Those of you who have read this notice have a good idea of ​​what to do. But those who have not read this notice should know all the information through this question.

Students will be able to register for the Covid 19 vaccine from July 9 to July 12, the notification said. Since time is very short, every one of our students should register for the Karna virus vaccine.

For coronavirus, each of our students should get vaccinated from the local vaccination center within the specified time. Many may fear that vaccinations are harmful to health.

But according to experts, the health protection of those who receive the vaccine will be many times higher than before. So get vaccinated against any virus by giving courage to every person without spreading panic.

NU CoronaVirus Vaccine Registration 2021 Website Link

Each student will need a registration number to be vaccinated against the corona virus. Arrangements have been made to access the link to the National University Corona Virus Vaccination Program provided on our website. By clicking on that link you will enter there and first give your registration number.

Once the registration number is provided, the next step is to provide some information and proof. However, in this case, it is better to say earlier that once any information is submitted, there is no chance to change that information. So you have to be very careful in filling the information.

When you enter the desired link with the registration number, you need to fill in the blanks with certain information. To fill in the blanks you need to provide a certificate name. Then the students have to provide the date of birth, mobile number used by the students, national identity card number.

In addition, whether a student has been vaccinated against the virus or not should also be informed through yes or no.

Official Website Apply Link

Online Application Process of National University Covid-19 Vaccine

A student will then have to state his / her residential status where he / she is currently staying. If you can fill in all the information correctly, you will be able to get the Covid 19 vaccine from the nearest vaccination center on the specified day.

Due to time constraints and high number of students, there is a lot of traffic jam on the server. However, you have to repeatedly enter the server and register. Students who do not know the link to receive the vaccine will enter by clicking on the link below on our website. If you can’t access the link at once, try again.

This is because the server is under pressure to register so many students online in three days. But since this is an important issue, don’t waste this opportunity. Everyone gets vaccinated at the right time considering the importance of the Karna virus vaccine. This will allow you to stay healthy and help the people around you to stay healthy.

NU Corona Virus Vaccine Registration 2021 Link

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