NTRCA শূন্য পদের তালিকা 2022 জেলাভিত্তিক এবং বিষয়ভিত্তিক তালিকা PDF Download

NTRCA Vacant List 2023 Finally Declared in Bangladesh

The full meaning of NTRCA is Private Teacher Registration and Certification Authority. The recruitment procedures and other activities of all the educational institutions which are run at the private level across the country are managed by the NTRCA authorities. Therefore, due to the large number of these private educational institutes, the private teacher registration and certification authorities are doing the important work related to recruitment for you. A public notification has been released that 68 thousand recruitment teachers will be appointed for those who have cleared the previous registration examination and are waiting for a long time for recruitment. So if you want to enter this great profession of teaching and survive with registration then you will get the opportunity to apply in 40 educational institutions under MPO educational institutions.

Since you don’t know the list of area wise or subject wise educational institutes, many people are afraid of not being able to provide the choice list of educational institutes. We know all the information through the publication of public notice on December 21 last year, but to know how many teachers will be appointed district-wise and subject-wise. However, the authority said that it will be notified on 29th December and following that continuity, the detailed information about this vacancy list was finally provided on the appointed day. So when you want to get appointed as a teacher or pass the registration exam then you must check the vacancy list and apply to get this rule.

The private teacher registration and certification authority conducts all the activities regarding how many subject-based teachers will be appointed in private educational institutions across the country at different times. You will have to appear in this test for teacher registration and pass the viva test based on the results obtained when you get a call for viva later. If you qualify in the merit list, you will be issued a registration certificate and based on that registration, when you wait for the next mass notification, when that mass notification is published, you have to apply accordingly.

In applying, you have to apply according to your studied subject, position and type of educational institution, so if you apply by taking the advice of experienced people, you can arrange your choice list accordingly and you will also get appointed in your area or in the area along with it. However, if you can apply or arrange the preference list based on how many teachers will be appointed according to the area or the subject in which you have completed your studies, then it will be seen that there will be no obstacle in your appointment as a teacher in this merit list. So those of you who were waiting to know this list of vacant posts in detail will know from today’s post.

You have been given time to apply from now till 29th January and you can apply by paying application fee of Tk 1000 through Teletalk SIM Prepaid. So, in order to apply properly, you must take the help of an experienced computer operator or you can complete the application by arranging your choice list by watching different types of videos from YouTube. So through today’s post, those of you who have come to know the list of subject-wise and subject-wise vacancies will know this information and if someone else informs them, they may be able to apply fairly and accurately in applying.