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Welcome to the official website of NTRCA. Recently a public notice has been published from NTRCA. This public notice is NTRCA’s public notice 2022. According to this public notification, 54304 people of Bangladesh will be recruited. So those of you who are going to get NTRC notices, results, job circulars, updated news 2021 will get it from our website. So let’s go down and take a look at the third public announcement of NTRCA 2021.

NTRCA Notice 2022

We regularly post various information regarding NTRCA notices on our website. Many times many people cannot collect information from NTRC’s official website. That is why we always post various notices of NTRC in a simple process on our website. Those of you who have published the public notice of NTRC’s private teacher registration are going to get the public notice. For this, NTRCA notice 2021 has been given on our website. You will get a detailed idea about it when you go down. And you will be able to complete the application process.

54304 people will be recruited as per NTRCA notice or public notification 2021. Teachers will be recruited in different categories for him this year. Mentioning that category, it is to be said that 47393 people will be recruited in MPO and 6105 people will be recruited in non-MPO.

However, according to the information of the case which has been decided by appealing to the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court, 2208 reserved seats have been reserved. Those of you who will apply for NTRCA recruitment will apply on the official website and can apply through Teletalk Bangladesh Limited. In this case, see below to get various information including information related to your application.

Many think that the applicant can be anyone. But no. The applicant must be considered as a registrar from NTRCA. And the list given in the combined merit list must be listed. In addition, an applicant must have completed the educational qualifications as per the latest manpower structure issued by the Department of Secondary and Higher Education and the Department of Technical and Madrasa Education.

Information Regarding the Date of Application

NTRC’s application will start from April 4. The application will end on May 3. Those who will apply for NTRC will apply within the stipulated time. And after applying, you have to pay a fee of 100 rupees for each application at the prescribed rate. If you submit a fee, your application will be rejected.

According to the public notification of NTRC, appointments will be made for all the private educational institutions in the country. Among those private educational institutions, schools, colleges, madrasas can apply for vacant posts in the Department of Technical and Business Management. So those who want to apply can apply for other posts by calculating except those reserved seats. In this case you have to see how many vacancies there are in the district.

And how many vacancies are there thematically. Then you will get priority for the subject you have studied in your higher education. In our website, you can see how many vacancies are available in different districts, and how many vacancies are available in different subjects. So you can see the number of MPO registered and non-MPO vacant posts of district based NTRCA from the table of contents on our website.

In case of application, you will apply within the stipulated time. And after the application you have been charged the prescribed fee. Pay it. So you can go to the website mentioned above and apply for it. However, in case of application, religion and moral education, religion and moral education will be given to the followers of their respective religions.

And those who want to apply both, that is, men and women can apply jointly. And if women want to apply for quota, only women can apply there. However, in the case of physical education also, priority will be given to the recruitment of an applicant keeping in view the previous subject.

NTRCA Important Notes

An applicant must provide accurate information when going to apply. And we have to look at the district based and thematic issues. If an applicant has had a litigation issue in the past, then the applicant will have to settle the litigation issues. Otherwise there may be trouble during recruitment after his application. So those of you who are going to apply for NTRCA will apply keeping these issues in mind.

And according to the MPO policy, the teachers’ association has been made eligible. As a result, all teachers in private educational institutions who are working as a registration certificate can apply for recruitment online. Moreover those of you who will apply to the website. No information can be given in violation of the rules and regulations that have to be applied in accordance with the conditions given in the application. Then an applicant’s application will be considered void. You can apply for NTRCA Teacher Registration as per the above mentioned information. And you have to be careful in case of application.

NTRCA Result 2022

You have already applied for NTRC. After applying to NTRC, an applicant is worried about the outcome. We have different recruitment notification information on our website at different times. In that case, we have given the result of NTRC 2021 on our website. Those of you who need it can download NTRCA Result 2021 from our website. NTRC results are given on our website. Since the number of NTRCA applicants is much higher in Bangladesh. So with that priority we have given NTRC Result 2021 as soon as possible.

NTRCA Job Circular 2022

After a long hiatus, the NTRCA has finally published the job circular. Those of you who want to apply by looking at NTRC’s job circular. They download NTRC’s Job Circular PDF file from our website. Our website has NTRCA Job Circular in PDF format. As a result, you can download NTRC’s Job Circular 2021 in one click.

Given the different types of rules and regulations of this job circular. It is our opinion that if you apply according to these rules and regulations, you will be able to apply properly and correctly. So first read the NTRCA Recruitment Circular or Public Circular 2021 and complete your application process according to the information.

NTRCA 17th Update News 2022

NTRCA made many applications as per the recruitment notification. Many have made this request. According to the application, many people are worried about the result. So the time for those who are thinking this is over. You will get the 35th updated news 2021 from our website.

We are constantly working on various types of updated news from NTRC. Those of you who want to get the 35th updated news of NTRCA. They stay with our website. We will always post updates on various types of information on a regular basis.

This post related to NTRCA is a post for you. Let us know if you benefit the least from this. And if you have made any mistake in the question, then let us know in the comment box. We will try to resolve the error as soon as possible.

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