NSI Question Solution 2021 Watcher Constable MCQ Exam September 17, 2021

NSI Question Solution 2023 Assistant Director (AD) MCQ Exam October 8, 2023

The examination for the post of Watcher Constable of National Security Intelligence was held today, September 17. A large number of students from all over the country came to Dhaka for examinations. If you want to get the solution of the prelim examination held for the post of Watcher Constable of NSI, then take a look at Question Solution 2023 from our website.

Moreover, for you, we will come up with the solution of all kinds of questions of National Security Intelligence later. So if those who participated in the test are confused about a question, do not hesitate to find out the correct answer to that question from our website.

NSI Assistant Director (AD) MCQ Question Solution 2023

NSI Watcher Constable Question Solution 2023 

Under the National Intelligence Security, they will serve as watchmen constables. Their main job is to provide security to any association, group or individual. In this circular published in 2023, a total of 570 vacancies are reported to have been filled. According to that circular, about 1 lakh 20 thousand people from all over Bangladesh applied.NSI Watcher Constable Question Solution 2019Other NSI tests were being conducted from September 10 on the basis of that application. And today their Watch Constable’s test was held at 10:30 in the morning. A large number of candidates from outside Dhaka participated in the examination at various centers in Dhaka city.

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The Watcher Constable exam had a total of 80 multiple choice questions. The total number for this question was 100. That means 1.25 marks to a candidate for each correct answer. And for each wrong question, 0.25 will be deducted from the correct answer.

NSI Watcher Constable Question Solution 2023 PDF

But the Watcher Constable’s test question paper was more than other tests. However, the question was very difficult for those who did not study at all. Although the standard of the question was eighty, questions were given from Bengali, English, Maths and Computer.

NSI MCQ Question Solution 2023

So fairly many students want to do well in exams. However, some of the questions were completely obscure and many applicants did not understand the answers to these questions. So considering your words, the solution has been given on our website immediately after the end of the test. So choose the answer to your confusion question from our website in order to overcome your inner hesitation. Moreover, those who want to add the total number should look at the solution of the question from the beginning to the end.

NSI Question Solution 2021 Watcher Constable Answer
Some of the questions in today’s NSI’s examination for the post of Watcher Constable were obscure. As a result, some of my friends wanted the correct explanation of the Confucius question. Since my friend has a problem, we have answered this question with the correct explanation. So those of you who want to add total numbers can see the answer to this question and if the answer to your question matches, then you will understand who got how much.

NSI Watcher Constable MCQ Question Solution 2023

Moreover, you will get an idea about the cut mark of the test. Good luck to those who passed the test well and will survive the next step. You should mentally prepare for the next return, viva, medical test and police verification.