NSI Junior Field Officer MCQ Question Solution 2021 Download

NSI Junior Field Officer MCQ Question Solution 2023 Download

If you want to get the solution of the recently held NSI Junior Field Officer Examination Questions, you can get this solution from our website. For those who participated in the exam held on 24th September and want to be sure how many marks they can get in the exam by participating in this exam, we have provided the solution of the question for the post of Junior Field Officer. The solution to the Junior Field Officer’s question on our website is prepared by experienced teachers and answered accurately here.

So you can know in detail how many marks you can get by participating in the test and how many cut marks you can get through this post. We have provided solutions to the questions of past exams held by NSI on our website and if you want these you can go to our website and see the table of contents. Moreover, the solution of this question of today’s examination is given below for you.


NSI Junior Field Officer Result PDF

NSI Junior Field Officer Question Solution 2023

Circulars are issued from NSI almost every year and a large number of people apply for NSA circulars. Many people want to get a job under the National Intelligence Security Agency and everyone knows that this job is a very respectable job. A job in the National Security Intelligence Agency is a respectable one and there is a chance to be promoted to this job later. So those who want to do this job take part in the exams held at different centers in Dhaka on 24th September at 10:30 am.


The test is held in Dhaka city on 24th September at 10:30 am and the test is conducted in accordance with proper hygiene rules. Different candidates from all over the country participated in the examination in different centers of Dhaka city and they completed the examination by participating in the examination in an orderly manner.

Those who wanted to take the exam and get a chance to become a junior field officer of NSI through this exam, they did well in the exam and were able to answer the questions correctly in the exam. Even then there are many examinees who suffer from dilemma. So for your convenience, we have come up with the solution of NSI’s Junior Field Officer 2023 exam questions on our website and its completely perfect solution.

NSI Junior Field Officer Question Solution Today Exam

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The NSI Junior Field 2023 exam held on 24th September was given 80 multiple choice questions. 1.25 marks are given for each correct answer and 0.25 marks are deducted for each wrong answer. Students attend the examination center on time and participate in the examination of 100 marks in one hour. It is learned that the test was conducted in a total of 61 centers in Dhaka city.


1 lakh 47 thousand candidates from all over Bangladesh applied for 64 seats of Junior Field Officer. However, not many students attended the test center and many seats were vacated. It is estimated that a total of 50 to 55 thousand students take part in the test.

However, as the number of posts is limited, it is expected that there will be a final competition for this post. So it is not possible to say exactly what the cut mark may be in the NSI Junior Field Officer 2023 exam. But if you want to solve your question correctly, you can check it out from our website. If you look at the solution to the question, you can find out how many mistakes you have made and how many correct ones you can get. You see the solution to the question and have a good day everyone.

NSI Question 2023

1. Assistant Director (AD) – 102

2. Research Officer – 02

3. Assistant Programmer – 04

4. Field Officer – 79

5. Computer Technician – 01

6. Radio Technician – 01

7. Accountant Cum Cashier – 01

8. Junior Field Officer – 64

9. Steno Typist Cum Computer Operator – 04

10. Photographer – 02

11. Wireless Operator – 64

12. Office Assistant – 01

13. Office Assistant Cum Computer Typist – 41

14. Watcher Constable – 573

15. Desspues Rider – 01

16. Office Shohayak – 53

Total Vacancy: 990