Noakhali Zilla School Admission Result 2023

All the students living in Noakhali District who want to participate in Noakhali Zilla School classes in the new class from 2023 have to apply for admission. After this application you have visited our website to know the result and how to check the result you will be informed through today’s post. As this educational institution is very reputed and old educational institution within Noakhali district, many parents have applied thinking about the quality aspect of education here.

So as a result of the application lottery will be conducted and after conducting the list of students who will get chance will be published. Since this educational institution is in the list of preference while applying, you should follow the below rules to check the list of students who have got chance of this educational institution.

As usual in 2022 also a notification was published and following this notification it was informed that lottery program will be conducted for admission in government and private educational institutions across the country. So all the students among you who wanted to get admission through lottery applied within the specified date and it was informed in the admission notification that the result of this lottery will be published on 10th. But subject to the proper conduct of all the activities, the release of the results will be delayed and the admission results will be announced on the 12th of December at two o’clock in the afternoon in the government educational institutions.

To apply, the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education has arranged to apply on an official website called GSA. But after completing the application, you have to wait as the students will not find any information there to see the result. Because after the lottery is held, all the students who will get chance will be informed about the result through SMS on the phone and the students who got chance from Noakhali Zilla School will be informed about it through SMS on the phone. So wait for the SMS and the mobile number that applied by providing You have to check whether the SMS is coming to that mobile number.

But you must check the name list of all the students as it will be uploaded on the official website of Noakhali Zilla School. Currently, the official websites of government and private educational institutions are being developed so that every parent and student can check various notifications and results at home. So visit the official website and go to the admission result option and go there to see the list of names of students who have got a chance to get admission in any class. Noakhali District School official website address is
http://www nzs edu bd/ . So use this link to know the result and check the result on the specified day and then complete the admission.