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You can download the short syllabus published by the National Academy of Primary Education from our website. The National Academy of Primary Education has published a short syllabus this week. A short syllabus from the National Academy of Primary Education is published for the purpose of students who are going to participate in the PSC and PEC examinations of 2022.

So if there are any kind students in your house who are going to take part in the PSC exam of 2022, you can download the short syllabus published by the Department of Education from our website and explain it to them with their hands. Children who do not study at home or who have dropped out of school due to the Corona situation, should be given proper guidelines to advance their education.

NEP or the National Academy of Primary Education always works with primary students. The spread of corona around the world has stopped everything. Where it has become a life-saving responsibility, it is horrible for students to open educational institutions and run classes. Therefore, the Hon’ble Minister of Education decided to close the educational institution as per the decision of various high council officials of his ministry. In 2020, PSC and other board exams were not held for that.

However, the situation has returned to normal. As a result, if the classrooms are opened and the students are taught according to the hygiene rules, it will not be a problem. Students will be passed in the next class through examination without passing the next class by auto pass.

Therefore, the PSC examination will be held in time in 2022, said the Department of Education. But here remains an important point. Because the educational institutions have been closed for a long time, the students have lagged behind in terms of education. In this case, if students take classes and take exams, they may not understand much.

However, if a student is taught the main chapters and topics of his textbook, he will be able to go to the next class and understand his other lessons. For that purpose and for the purpose of short-term proper use, the Academy of Elementary Education has formulated a short syllabus. This short syllabus now requires the students to understand it properly and to prepare properly on all the important chapters of the short syllabus that have been attached.

A student may not be able to understand and understand all the important topics in mathematics in the educational institution without the help of the teacher in the classroom. Different important chapters of mathematics, such as time and measurement, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems, geometry, etc., cannot be understood by a student on his own.

Moreover, there are many students who still can’t read well in English and because they don’t have good reading skills, they can’t understand then. In this case, if a student wants to prepare his complete book, many will probably fail. Moreover, if a student fails, his level of self-confidence decreases a lot. This short syllabus has been formulated to provide emotional support to the students as well as to help them learn and pass on to the next class.

In this way a student will be able to read a few topics in a short time and participate in the test and will be able to achieve good results in the test. In this case, a guardian will play a helpful role. This is because there are many students who have a lack of mental development due to not being given education for a long time and due to the closure of studies.

At this time if you support them as parents or as big brothers or sisters and explain the difficult chapters to them then it will be very easy for them to participate in the test and get good results. As a conscious citizen and as a guardian you must download Short Silver first. Understand it yourself and try to teach them that lesson by explaining it to them later.

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