Naogaon Zilla School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

Naogaon Zilla School is a renowned ancient educational institution in Naogaon. The educational institution was established in 1918. It is currently being operated as a high school. In 1945, this educational institution became a high school. Naogaon District School is located at Mukti, the heart of Naogaon city. The educational institution was nationalized in 1985.

The motto of this educational institution is “Read in the name of your Lord”. Md. Abdul Aziz Sardar, the headmaster of the educational institution has been performing his duties with devotion. Under his supervision, the students of this educational institution are getting proper education and are able to achieve good results. At present the number of teachers in Naogaon district school is 22. The educational institution provides education from class III to class X.

Naogaon Zilla School Admission Circular 2021 PDF Download

It is a boys school in Naogaon district. About one thousand students study in the educational institution. The area of ​​Naogaon district school is 1.6 acres. Every year students get the opportunity to study in educational institutions through admission test in third, sixth and ninth class. Over the past few years, students have been passing the board exams 100 percent.

The educational institution has a dormitory known as Naogaon Zilla Hostel. Naogaon Zilla School is a Bangla medium school. The educational institution has always been in the first place within Naogaon district. In addition to academic studies, the students of this educational institution are getting involved in various types of social activities and they are being able to gain that knowledge in their personal lives. This educational institution has published the notification of 2021 admission test.

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Currently, every educational institution is suspended due to the global epidemic of coronavirus. The Hon’ble Minister of Education of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has announced that the admission of students should be ensured through lottery this year.

Because if the students take the admission test in the educational institution, then the outbreak of corona virus can lodge inside them. That is why he has taken exceptional initiatives to get rid of any virus and to avoid health risks. Although it will not be a fair assessment of students through exams, it is still a great initiative. Today’s children have adopted this approach considering the future of the future.

Naogaon Zilla School Admission Lottery Result PDF Download

Therefore, the students will be able to apply for admission in Naogaon Zilla School online from 15 to 26 December so that the students can participate in the education system in accordance with the health rules. Moreover, the educational institution will release the results on December 30.

The list of third, sixth and ninth class students has been published through lottery as per the application of the students who completed the admission process through online. You will find the list of names of all the students who got the opportunity in the admission test in the form of PDF file on our website. You can easily download the list of names of all those students on our website. Stay with us to get all the posts related to education.

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