Munshiganj KK Govt High School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

No lottery was held on December 30 as per the application of all the students who applied for admission in KK Government High School in Munshiganj in 2021 academic year. Later, the educational institution has published the list of the students who got the opportunity through the KK Government High School lottery.

Would you like to get a list of those names? You can easily get the list of names on our website in PDF format. See below to download the list of names of students in KK Government High School.

KK Government High School is one of the traditional and one of the educational institutions of Munshiganj. The educational institution was established in 1948 AD. This educational institution is basically an educational institution for boys. KK Government High School was established by the then Abdul Hakim Bikrampuri. Munsur Khan is currently the head teacher of the educational institution.

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In addition to the head teacher, the students are able to achieve good results every year under the supervision of 25 more teachers in this educational institution. Students of class VI to X can get education in this educational institution. At present the number of students in the educational institution is 1500.

The educational system of the educational institution is provided through Bengali. This educational institution is under the jurisdiction of Dhaka Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. The educational institution has different types of associations and clubs. Every year students get the opportunity to study in this educational institution through admission test.

KK Government High School has issued a notification for the admission of students for the 2021 academic year. There, students will apply for admission in this educational institution online from December 15 to 26. But like every year, this year also no examination will be held in the educational institution. Admission test has been canceled due to epidemic coronavirus.

However, a lottery will be arranged through the website according to the names and user IDs of the students who have applied to the educational institution. Although the results of the lottery on December 30 were supposed to be released, the lottery was not held as per the order of the High Court. KK Government High School later released the lottery results in a very short time.

If you want to download the list of government high school students in PDF format, click on the download link on our website. Stay up to date with all the information related to education.

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