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At present, the world is at a standstill due to the global epidemic of coronavirus. Thousands of patients are constantly growing in our country. The cause is the spread of coronavirus. And another reason is the unconsciousness of the people. As a result, as the number of patients is increasing day by day, so is the number of deaths.

No one ever thinks that we will read in the current situation. We have to be aware of that. At present, lockdown has been given from 14th April to 21st April. No one will be able to move in or out during this lockdown. The government has taken special measures for him. One of the methods centered on that system is Movement Pass.

Movement Pass Registration Online

For those who do not yet know or have not tried to know about the movement, find out about it from our website today. And you will also get an idea of what you need to do to get out. So let’s go down and ask “What is a police movement pass? Why do you have to pass a movement? What are the requirements for a movement pass? How to pass a movement? Where to create a movement pass?” Get a detailed idea about etc.

What is the Movement Pass?

Movement pass is a medium. You can show a pass if the police catch you when you go out through that. The pass will have a detailed idea of where you are going from, including the reason for the exit. Your name, your date of birth, your age, where you live, where you will go will be mentioned.

Through this movement pass, the police will be aware of the reason for your return home from outside. This will allow you to protect yourself from police questions and since you will not be able to give false information or lie, it will create awareness inside you. So if the movement pass is to go out at the present time the reason is a descriptive pass. So those of you who go outside for any need, they must pass this police movement.

Police Movement Pass Application Form

You can find the Police Movement Pass application form on the website Those of you who have any need outside or have to go to any necessary work, in that case you have to fill up the Police Movement Pass application form. Otherwise you will be embarrassed by the police.

As the police will not be able to control your movements, you will also face various questions from the police. This will create a chaotic situation. As a conscious country citizen you must carry a police movement pass if you want to go abroad. So fill out the Police Movement Pass application form.

And if you want to go out, fill out the police application form and show it to them. You will find the police application form on the above mentioned website.

Why Police Movement Pass is required

The current corona situation has become such that thousands of patients are getting corona positive every day. In the overall situation of the country, we are under threat for your own protection and for the protection of the other ten people of the country, you must abide by the rules of health.

Police movement passes are required to comply with these hygiene rules. Moreover, whenever we get a chance, we come out with different excuses and come back. A seven-day lockdown has been given again to stop the movement. This movement pass has been arranged so that people do not create chaos or roam outside even in this lockdown.

Those of you who go out for necessary work must show movement pass. If you cannot show the movement pass, you may be fined. So follow your own hygiene and follow the hygiene of the people around you and your family and refrain from going out. You must go out if absolutely necessary. But you must show the police movement pass in that case.

How to apply for Police Movement Pass?

Many people do not know how to apply for police movement pass. Again many know how to do. For those who don’t know how to apply for a Police Movement Pass, find out by writing this post. You can fill the application form of Police Movement Pass by following the rules mentioned below, so let’s go down and take a look at those rules.

* First you need to go to the website from Google Chrome.

* If you go there, you will get a blue color option in the application form right next to the movement. Clicking there will take your movement to the next page.

* On the first page there will be two options, you will click on the IM Not Robot option. Clicking on the image you are asked to click on will confirm that you are not a robot. Then put the phone number that you are currently using, that is, the phone number that you will have when you go out.

* It is mentioned on that page above that you can use a pass only once. This means that if you go out for work and come back home, you have to use the pass twice. That means you can only use one pass for a certain period of time.

* You will get an option called where to stay. Mention the name of the place where you will depart from. Also mention the name of the police station in the area where you live.

* You will get an option called where to go. There you will fill in the option exactly where you want to go. You will also need to specify the name of the police station you will be visiting.

* Your name should be written in capital letters in English.

* You need to specify what your gender is.

* You need to specify how old you are.

* What you need for the pass, if you click on this option, different options will come. From that option, you will mark the option that you will go out to work. If there is no reason for you to go out of those options, then go down and go to other options and click.

* Then in front of you please select the date and time of using the pass. In that room you have to specify the date and time on which you will use the pass.

* You need to specify the expiration date and time on your side. That means if you leave the house at ten and come back by twelve, you have to specify the time till twelve. You need to give the correct answer when the police ask you about your return time inside the street. Otherwise there will be a problem if the information is wrong according to the information given by you.

* Your ID type will be requested. In case of ID type, you have to choose any one option inside National Voter ID, Card Student Card, Driving License Number, Passport Number, Birth Registration Number etc. Then you have to provide the specified number according to that option.

* Do you want to get out of the car? You can click on this option. No need to click if you don’t get out of the car.

-Then you have to give a newly taken picture. That will recognize you through the image. Moreover, if you give such a picture, and if the police can not identify you, it will be a problem.

* Once the above options are fulfilled, you will submit. After submitting, a page will appear in front of you. That page will be your movement pass. Many times there may be a server problem. That’s why you will give that page a screenshot beforehand. Then go down and click on the download option.

Very good if downloaded. And if not, you can continue working with screenshots. If you can fulfill the above conditions in a beautiful way, then your movement pass will be created. And through this pass you will be able to go out for necessary work.

Movement Pass Registration Online

Movement passes will be issued for all those jobs.
In Movement Pass you can go out mentioning several reasons. But of course it would be reasonable. Currently many people are not using Movement Pass. They may be insulted if they fall in front of the police. If you think about your self-esteem, if you think about your hygiene, then you must pass the movement. In that case you can get Movement Pass-

* If you need to buy any emergency medicine;
* To buy groceries and other raw materials;
* Corona situation where to deliver food;
* Going out on any kind of business;
* When someone dies, the body is buried;
* If you go out for agricultural work, but in this case those who go from area to area to cut boro paddy. Some of them have to arrange for a movement pass.

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, if there is any other reasonable reason, but not in the option, you will click on the other option. So that even if the police catch you, you can show reasonable reasons.

What can happen if you go out without a police movement pass?

If you go out without a pass, and if you fall in front of the police, you must be held accountable. In this case you may be fined. Moreover, he may be insulted in public. In this case, the administration has taken strict action. As a result, if you go out without a pass, you may be punished by the administration.

Or it may send you back home from where you are going, and it is very important to you. That can prevent you from getting on the road. So those who go out must take the police movement pass. This will not cause any problems in your journey.

Very good if you can understand the above mentioned content. And if you don’t understand, let us know in the comment box. We will give you a detailed idea about the police movement pass and try to solve the problem. So there must be a good reason to go out as a conscious citizen.

At the same time, considering your own health and the interests of other family members, you should follow the rules of hygiene when you go out. Be sure to wear a mask. Hand sanitizer with it, wash hands before entering the house.

In this way, if you think about the safety of yourself and your family in the situation, then inshaAllah we will be able to overcome the situation. So keep yourself healthy, keep others healthy too.

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