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MATS Result 2023 – MATS IHT Admission Result 2023 PDF Download

You are welcome to visit our website to see the results. Today I have appeared for you with the admission results of MATS and IHT. The waiting list of the applicants who have been waiting for the results of this test has finally come to an end. These results have now been published on the first of August.

If you are interested in seeing the results of MATS and IHT, go straight to the bottom of our website. From there you can download this result in PDF file format. Then you can easily see the results of MATS and IHT from our website.

DGHS authorities recently released the results of MATS and IST. After a long period of application process, the result has finally been published without examining the applicant. The overall situation in the country has come to a standstill due to the epidemic coronavirus.

MATS IHT Admission Result 2023

IHT MATS Admission Result 2023 been Published on

Therefore, taking the test directly from the students to the test center is very troublesome and also a health risk. That is why the DGSS authorities have prepared the merit list of the students on the basis of GPA obtained from SSC and HSC and provided these results.

Total Medical Assistant Training School (MATS) institute -9
Institute of Health Technology (IHT) in Bangladesh-13
IHT Total Seat There are about (2791)
MATS Total Seat (818)

Many may have prepared well and said that MATS or IHT will stand the test of time. But the authorities did not take this decision considering the health protection. So we have to applaud the decision of the authorities. DGHS has prepared a final list based on the GPA obtained by the applicant with complete transparency. In this list, the applicants have been provided merit list according to the roll number.

MATS Admission Result 2023

If you want to see the results of dghs i.e. MATS and IHT then our website will help you. Moreover, you can see these results from the official website. is an official website. After entering this website, you will click on the result. You will then be able to view the results by entering the DGHS website and providing the roll number that you received at the time of application.

MATS Result 2021 - MATS IHT Admission Result 2020 PDF Download


Moreover, it is difficult to see the results as soon as the results are provided on the official website. That is why we have uploaded the full result PDF file on our website. That’s why you can go to the bottom of our website and download the PDF file with one click.

Many have applied for Mats’ three-year term. Moreover, with the completion of the three-year course, there is an opportunity to do a 1-year internship i.e. diploma course. So many candidates applied to study at Mats. Mats are taught in nine medical assistant training schools in Bangladesh.

MATS Admission Result 2022-2023 PDF Download

Every organization has more advantages to be in government and non-government organizations. In addition, degrees will be awarded in a three-year course at IHT. This degree will be awarded from thirteen institutes of health and technology in Bangladesh. Students prefer this type of study as there are special facilities for studying at MATS and IHT. That is why a large number of students applied for this exam.

However, considering the corona situation in the country, DGHS canceled the decision to take the test. Like other government institutions, students are admitted on the basis of GPA. To this end, the results were published on August 1.

PDF files have been downloaded on our website to suit the needs of the students and to facilitate quick viewing of the results. Moreover, if you enter your roll number in the comment box of our website, we will be able to provide results quickly.