Sangsad TV Live Class Download for Class 6-10 All Subjects (Amar Ghor Amar School)

From March 29, 2020 Sangsad TV live class program has started. But many students miss the opportunity for watching the class. Because that class time was very early in morning. So there is no way for watching those classes.

Official Result BD is a website that is is working for the student. This website collected all the live classes. They have captured the live online classes from Sangsad TV. Download those online classes from class 6 to 10 from that website.

Are you looking for online classes? Then you are on the right place. Because in this article we will show you have to download those online classes from Official Result BD.


Sangsad TV Live Class Download

Do you know that you can easily download online live classes? Yes, anyone can download classes telecasted on Sangsad TV. We have collected all classes of every subject.


According to a notice published by Sangsad TV, Online class for classes 6 to 10 will be telecasted live from morning. For taking the class in a scheduled manner, they published a routine.

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You can collect the class schedule from our website.Now we are going to show you direct download link for all classes. By clicking on those link, you can collect all subject classes. So let’s start.

Class 10 Online Class Sangsad TV Download

At first we start with talking about class 10 Online live class download. We are going to talk about class 10th online classes at first because those classes are very important for student because SSC examination is knocking at the door.


Examination preparation is hampered due to coronavirus attack. For this virus attack all the educational institutions are remaining closed.

To helping them out Bangladesh education ministry has decided to learn online classes at Sangsad TV Bangladesh.

Select your subject name from the list below to download all the classes on your device like mobile laptop or computer.

Class 9 Online Class Sangsad TV Download

Class nine online classes has been telecasted on sangsad TV Bangladesh from today. But it is a matter of sorrow that many of you have missed those classes. So they are looking for those classes download. that’s why we are publishing the video file of today’s online classes for class 9 all subject.


To download those classes at first you have to select your subject name. After selecting your subject you have to select class date. For example for downloading today’s class you have to select March 29 and subject name. By following those process you will be able to successfully download the class.

Class 8 Online Class Sangsad TV Download

Now we are going to show you download link for online classes of Sangsad TV for class 8. Class 8 online classes is very important for student because Junior school certificate examination is going to be held in November 2020. So those classes are very much vital for class 8 students.

Amar Ghor Amar School Online Class Download

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