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Khulna Govt Laboratory High School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

Government Laboratory High School is a reputed educational institution in Khulna. Many students study in this educational institution every year and achieve good results. The head teachers and other teachers of this educational institution develop the students as students through their proper education system.

Government Laboratory High School is located on Quet Road under Khanjahan Ali Police Station. This educational institution was established in 1986. This educational institution is a secondary level educational institution. Every year the students get the opportunity to study through admission in the educational institution. Like every year, this year also has issued a notification for admission in educational institutions.

Khulna Govt Laboratory High School Admission Circular 2021 PDF Download

These educational institutions are well studied. In addition to academic studies, the educational institution is run by distributors, scouts, and Red Crescent. In addition to educating the students in the educational institution, they are able to improve in their real life. Every year students get the opportunity to study through admission in the educational institution.

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In today’s world, most schools are closed due to the corona virus. Educational institutions have been closed for several months due to its impact in our country as well.

The Hon’ble Minister of Education of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has taken an exceptional admission measure so that students do not run the risk of coronavirus through student rallies. The Minister of Education has expressed the view that students should be given the opportunity to be admitted through lottery and not through evaluation like every time. He wants the children of today to be the future of tomorrow.

So without putting these children at risk, he urged the students to pick up the admission forms online and provide them to the educational institutions at their respective homes and publish the list of students who will get the opportunity to study through the admission form lottery on December 30.

Khulna Govt Laboratory High School Admission Lottery Result PDF Download

As always, the Government Laboratory High School has issued admission notices to a certain number of students and the students are submitting the forms online to the educational institution. This educational institution will accept applications for admission from 15th to 26th December.

Government Laboratory High School will have 120 vacancies in Class III and 12 vacancies in Class VI. Moreover, the price of the admission form in this educational institution is 110 rupees.

The names of all the students who got the opportunity to study in Government Laboratory High School have been collected and the lottery has been drawn on 30th December.

The list of students who have got the opportunity to study in this educational institution in the 2021 academic year has been published in our website in the form of PDF file. If you want, you can easily download the student admission list file from our website completely free of cost. Stay tuned to our website.

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