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JSC exam is going on. General science is very hard subject and it has very important impact on jsc result 2019. JSC Science exam is dated on November 13, 2019.Have you taken part today’s jsc science MCQ exam? Then most probably you are looking for JSC science MCQ question solution 2019 of all Education Board.Read this article carefully because in this article we will show you 100% accurate answer of today’s Science examination. And we will also answer some frequently asked questions related to science subject of jsc exam 2019.

JSC Science Question Solution 2019

JSC science question solution 2019 has been published by Official Result BD. Official Result BD is an educational site working for Bangladeshi students. It is publishing all type of Creative educational content.

ঢাকা বোর্ড সমাধানঃ

১. ক

২. গ

৩. ঘ

৪. খ

৫. ক

৬. খ

৭. ক

৮. খ

৯. ঘ

১০. ঘ

১১. ক

১২. গ

১৩. খ

১৪. ঘ

১৫. ঘ

১৬. ক

১৭. ক

১৮. ক

১৯. ঘ

২০. ক

২১. ঘ

২২. ঘ

২৩. গ

২৪. খ

২৫. খ

২৬. গ

২৭. গ

২৮. খ

২৯. গ

৩০. গ

রাজশাহী বোর্ড সমাধানঃ

১. ঘ

২. ঘ

৩. গ

৪. ক

৫. ঘ

৬. গ

৭. খ

৮. গ

৯. ঘ

১০. ঘ

১১. খ

১২. ক

১৩. ঘ

১৪. খ

১৫. ঘ

১৬. খ

১৭. খ

১৮. ক

১৯. ক

২০. ঘ

২১. গ

২২. গ

২৩. ক

২৪. ঘ

২৫. গ

২৬. গ

২৭. ঘ

২৮. খ

২৯. ঘ

৩০. ক

চট্টগ্রাম বোর্ড সমাধানঃ

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You can find all education board question solution of JSC exam. We have served all subject question of this year examination. In our previous article we showed you the hundred percent accurate answer of English and Bangla question.

Now it is time to solve science MCQ question. You know there are 30 MCQ questions. And an examine can get up to 30 minute to answer all the questions. And there are four options for each question.Official Result BD team has solved all the question of today’s science subject. We have expert teachers for solving all type of examination question. They are working with good reputation for years.

Multiple Choice Question(MCQ) Answer

According to the requirement of Education Ministry, all Public examination must be taken in MCQ format. So the Education Board Bangladesh has decided to take jsc exam in MCQ format also.Science MCQ examination is taken along with creative questions. The Science examination is divided into two phases.In the first phases a student have to face creative questions. Creative questions has 60 marks and a student will get only two and half hour to complete the writing examination.After the written examination a student has to complete MCQ exam. And it has 30 question with 30 marks. Student gets only 30 minute to complete the MCQ examination.

All Board JSC Science MCQ Question Answer 2019

You know that there are nine education boards in Bangladesh. And all of them are holding jsc examination 2019. JSC Science examination is taken with a common question paper for all education boards in Bangladesh.We have solve all of the question paper and we are ready to publish the solution in our website official result BD. Dhaka board, Rajshahi board, Jessore board, Comilla board Mymensingh board, Sylhet board and all other board question solution is available at our website.

Dhaka Board Solution

Dhaka Board jsc science MCQ question solution has been published by our official website Anyone can check the question solution from our website.This year more than 2 lacs student have taken part for science subject examination. The examination begin at 10:00 a.m. in the morning on November 13, 2019.We have solved 28 of 30 questions. And our expert team are trying to answer the rest of 2 questions. So please wait to get complete question solution of science MCQ examination of Dhaka board.

Rajshahi Board Solution

Rajshahi Education Board exam science question has been answered by our expert teacher and student. Anyone can download today’s JSC science MCQ question solve for Rajshahi Board from our official result bd website.
Conclusion: We hope that you have successfully download today’s jsc science MCQ question solution 2019 for all education board. And it is our belief that this article helps you a lot. Please share this article with your Facebook friends so that they can also be helped. Thank you very much for reading this entire article with patient.

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