Joypurhat RB (Ramdeo Bajla) Govt High School Admission Result 2023 PDF Download in 2022

Joypurhat RB (Ramdeo Bajla) Government High School is a reputed and notable educational institution in Joypurhat. This educational institution is located on Joypurhat Sadar Road. Rostam Ali Helali, the current headmaster of the educational institution, has ensured the education system of the students through his supervision.

He considers the students to be able to achieve good results with special importance. This educational institution is taught to the students from sixth to tenth class. The educational institution was established in 1948. Since 2010, two branches have been set up in this educational institution so that the students can get good lessons.

This educational institution is a Bengali medium educational institution. This educational institution was established by Ramdeo Bajla. At present the number of students in the educational institution is 1025. Educational Institution The educational area is 3.79 acres.

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Students are admitted to Joypurhat RB Government High School every year through admission test. Like every year, the educational institution publishes a notification for admission in 2021 academic year.

Students will be able to apply online at this educational institution like every year. But like every year, this year students will not be admitted through any kind of examination. Because of the current epidemic of corona virus, the education system of every educational institution has been temporarily suspended.

As the students are young in age and the number of such examinations is high, the Minister of Education of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh has decided that this year students will be given the opportunity to be admitted through lottery. Students of Joypurhat RB Government High School will apply for admission.

Students who get opportunity through lottery on the basis of their names will be able to study in that institution. Therefore, applications for admission to the educational institution were accepted from 15 to 26 December. Like every year, 240 students will be given admission in this educational institution. The application fee for admission in this educational institution has to be paid through Teletalk prepaid at Rs. 110.

The students who applied for admission in Joypurhat RB Government High School organized an event in the educational institution on the basis of their names. The educational institution publishes a list of all the students whose names are picked up on a random basis.

So if you want to download the PDF file of the list of students who got the opportunity in Joypurhat RB Government High School in 2021 academic year, click on the download option on our website. You can easily download the PDF file on our website. We are with you with all the information related to education.