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A notification has been issued regarding the vaccination of all the students studying under the National University. You may have already heard this notification. Moreover, those who do not know about this notification can find out the details from our website.

Update NU Coronavirus Covid 19 Registration 2021

Registration for the corona virus vaccine is underway on the National University website. Thousands of students have already completed their registration. The last application deadline is July 12. However, if most of the students are unable to complete their application, the date may be extended.

If you have not yet applied, you must complete the registration. Visit our website regularly to get updated information on coronavirus registration.

Welcome to NU Covid-19 Vaccine Registration Official Website

The National University has made this arrangement to protect the health of every student. National University students can complete the registration by entering the link of the National University website. We will explain all the registration process to you nicely. If you go to the bottom of our website, you will get all the information and a link to register.

Welcome to NU Covid-19 Vaccine Registration Official Website

Complete Your Online Registration

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Alternative Registration Link

NU CoronaVirus Vaccine Registration 2021 Website Link

Currently, every student’s education system is closed during the epidemic of coronavirus. Moreover, the death rate is increasing. Although corona vaccine has been given up to a certain age limit, now the students of the National University have been asked to take the vaccine.

You must get this vaccine if you are a regular or irregular student at a national university. A notification has been issued from the National University on 9 July where a link has been provided. By entering this link you will be able to complete the registration for the vaccine. You will find that link on our website. Get a detailed idea of ​​what to do after clicking the link.

NU Corona Virus Vaccine Registration 2021 Link

How to Apply for National University Covid-19 Vaccine Registration

After entering the link provided for the vaccine, you will fill the first page with the current registration number. The next step is to provide your personal information. There you have to fill in the information with your name and your father’s name. You have to give your phone number.

You must provide information on where you are currently located. Also, you need to mention whether you have received the Coronavaccine from anywhere before.

In this case, the National University has repeatedly said that once the completed information is submitted, there will be no opportunity to change. So every student has to be careful while filling in the information.

At the time of the epidemic coronavirus, the purpose of all of us would be to stay healthy and keep others healthy. So we applaud this initiative of the National University. The role played by the National University in providing the vaccine to the students will be a blessing for the students.

Kivabe Coronavirus Tika Apply Korte Hobe?

So as a student and as a conscious citizen you must accept this program of the National University. Enter the link correctly and fill in all the information correctly. You will be vaccinated at the nearest immunization center on the scheduled day.

However, many people say that it is not possible to access the given link. Server jams are frequent due to the large number of students and the shortness of time. For that you have to try again and again and you have to fill in all the information of this program correctly and register for the vaccine.

National University Honours/Masters Covid-19 Vaccine Nibondhon

Hope you don’t miss this opportunity. In your own interest and in the interest of other family members, you must receive this corona vaccine. If you feel any kind of problem by entering the given link, our website has all the formats of registration. You can work with this format.

You can easily complete the registration process by looking at the demo that is shown on our website. So let’s keep ourselves healthy and keep everyone else healthy. We prevent coronavirus by taking the given vaccine.

Apply Now For NU Corona Vaccine Registration 2021

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