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HSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board Marksheet & Number Subjectwise Download by Online, SMS, App

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HSC Result 2020 Dhaka Board Marksheet & Number Subjectwise is ready for Download. In this article we are going to talk about HSC result 2020 of Dhaka Education Board.

So if you are looking for information on how to collect HSC result of this education board with marksheet and number then you can read this article.

By reading this article you will learn all the methods of getting HSC marksheet of this Education Board.

Dhaka Board HSC Result

Dhaka Board of Education HSC examination results have been published. This year more than two lakh students have participated in the HSC examination from this board of education.

This time HSC examination has been done exceptionally. Because no candidate had to participate in the test. In other words, a notification has been issued that all those who registered have participated in the examination.

Participated in the test they all passed. The results were announced today, December 24, under the direct supervision of Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The results can be collected in a variety of ways.

However, no results will be available from the college as in previous years. You can collect the results with all the other rules.

In today’s article we will discuss how to collect the results of Dhaka Education Board.

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How to Check HSC Result of Dhaka Board

Due to the availability of information technology, all kinds of activities are now being carried out through the Internet.

The Internet is playing a very important role in meeting all the needs of our daily lives. From banking to agriculture, the Internet continues to contribute.

Digitization of the education system is one of the steps taken by the government to build a digital Bangladesh.

As a result, the results of any test are now being collected at home. As part of this you will get the results of HSC exams sitting at home.

The results of Dhaka Board of Education can be collected in three ways. You can collect results using internet, mobile sms and android applications. We will describe the three mediums in detail here.
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HSC Result Dhaka Board by Online

There are three websites to view the results of Dhaka Education Board online.

You will get your desired results using any one website. However, to download the results including the marksheet, you have to visit the specific website.

Only the results can be viewed briefly from the official website of Dhaka Board of Education and the Board of Education Results website.

On the other hand, marksheets can be downloaded from web-based results websites.

This means that if you want to know the details of each subject, you must visit eboardresults.com. Now we will discuss how to download your results from each education board.

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This website is a centrally operated portal for viewing the results of each Board of Education. HSC exam results of 11 education boards can be downloaded from here.

The first step is to enter this website. Next select HSC from the result category. Now you are a candidate of Dhaka Board, so select Dhaka.

Input your roll and registration number. Solve the captcha code. And finally see your desired result by clicking the submit button.

Rajshahi Board HSC Result 2020 Marksheet Number Download


This website is used to view the marksheet with the number of each subject. People with general knowledge about internet can easily see the results from here.

We will now describe each step. Following the steps will allow you to download your marksheet only with roll and registration number.

Be the first to enter this website. Click here to visit the website. After visiting the website, select HSC from the menu. Then select your board Dhaka.

Now click on submit button with your roll and registration number. Then you can download your HSC exam marksheet.


This is the official website of Dhaka Education Board. All information related to education can be collected from here. The HSC exam routine is published from this website.

Once the results are published, they can be downloaded from here first. HSC exam results published today can be collected from this website. Therefore, by visiting the web site, you are requested to download the result.

HSC Result Dhaka Board by SMS

We are very happy to inform you that you do not have to go to the educational institution to collect the results of Coronavirus.

Now the results of Dhaka Board can also be obtained through mobile SMS. Results have been seen through mobile text messages for several years.

This time we will describe in detail how to view the results of HSC examination of Dhaka Education Board through mobile message. You can also learn about SMS format by reading the following article.

SMS Format of Dhaka Board HSC Result

HSC space Dha space Roll space 2020

Example: HSC Dha 123456 2020

You have to send this message to 1622 number.

HSC Result Dhaka Board by App

This is the easiest way of checking HSC result of Dhaka board. Download Education Board result app from Google play store. After opening the app please provide the required information and then input your role and registration number to get result checked.

HSC Result Marksheet Dhaka Board

In the academic year 2020-2021, it has been decided to transfer all HSC students to the next class through auto pass from the National Board of Education.

HSC result will be given based on JSC and and SSC result. The National Board of Education has announced that the results of HSC students for the 2020-2021 academic year will be given in December.

This year we are publishing the results of all the departments including HSC marksheet on our website. You can download your HSC result marksheet for free from our website in a moment.

However, only the list of HSC marksheets of Dhaka Board has been published in this part of the website, it plays an important role in every field of education. The most important and difficult chapter of life is the admission test.

Admission test results are based on SSC and HSC marksheets. Moreover, SSC marksheet plays an important role in all aspects of working life, higher education abroad.

Moreover, the marksheet gives the total marks in each subject along with the grade mark, in which case it is convenient for many students who get the same grade to check in terms of marks.

Moreover, mark limits are given in some subjects in various reputed institutes like BUET, RUET etc.

In this case a student may be aware of the preparation at the time of admission by looking at his mark. So considering all these aspects, it can be seen that the marksheet is very important.

So dear student, if you want to download your result as soon as the HSC result is published, you can download it from our website, here the service is provided at the fastest time. Thanks everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q1. Dhaka Board HSC Result Kobe Dibe?

Answer: Dhaka Board HSC result is going to be published on December 28 2020 along with all other education board in Bangladesh. So the result of this board will be given on last week of December 2020.

Q2. Dhaka Board HSC Result Kivabe Pabo?

Answer: You can get your result in various ways. But most comfortable methods of collecting the result are included here; online, SMS, App.

Q3. Dhaka Board HSC Result Dekhar Niom?

Answer: HSC Result dekhar niom of nunu board have been already discussed in this article. So you are requested to read this article with full concentration.

Q4. Online/Internet e Dhaka Board HSC Result Dekhar Niom?

Answer: Online e HSC result can be seen of this education board. For doing that you have to visit education board website.

Q5. SMS Diye Dhaka Board HSC Result Dekhar Niom?

Answer: You can easily collect your HSC exam results by sending an SMS.  For this you have to send SMS according to the rules discussed above.  Remember that HSC exam results of other boards can be downloaded under the same rules.

Q6. Dhaka Board HSC Result Published Date?

Answer: The HSC results of this board of education are going to be published in the last week of December, putting an end to many speculations.

Q7. Dhaka Board HSC Result Marksheet Soho Dekhar Niom?

Answer: You need to visit our website to download the HSC exam marksheet of this Board of Education.  If you follow the rules shown on our website, you will be able to download your desired marksit in two minutes.

Q8. How to Check Dhaka Board HSC Result?

Answer: To download the HSC results of this Board of Education you need to visit the Board of Education Results website.  Then you have to submit other information including your roll registration number to see the results.

Q9. How to Download Dhaka Board HSC Result by EIIN Number?

Answer: The entire organization results can be downloaded from our website with one click using EIIN number.

Q10. How to Get Dhaka Board HSC Scholarship Result 2020?

Answer: The results of the HSC scholarship will be announced in a few months.  The results are announced separately on each board.  The announced results can be easily downloaded from our website.

Final Words

We have our article helps you getting your result checked of Dhaka Education Board. If you find our article helpful then please share with your friends. Don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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