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Do you know that the most waiting result of HSC Examination is going to be declared soon? The most exceptional results will be released this year. Because no candidate was required to participate in the test to pass the test.

If you are looking for HSC results then read this article carefully. Because here we will discuss how you can easily download HSC results without any hassle.


How to Check HSC Result

Many of you do not know how to collect any test results online. The government of Bangladesh is taking very nice steps to digitalize the country. But it is being hampered by weak infrastructure.

The use of technology in all fields can take the country to the peak of development. As you know, the results of all types of public and private examinations in Bangladesh have been published on the internet for a long time.

Yet most internet users in the country do not know how to check the results. Our initiative is to educate them in this regard. Today we will describe in detail how the results can be checked in different ways.

The result can be checked from online, by mobile SMS and using Android application. All those methods of collecting result will be discussed below.

Check HSC Result by Online

This is the very first method of collecting HSC examination result 2022. Nowadays students prefer to collect results through internet.

Because it reduces the waste of time and does not cause any trouble. Collect your HSC exam results.

If you read our instructions, you will be able to download the HSC exam results of all education boards in Bangladesh effortlessly.

  1. At first you have to browse this website.
  2. Click on the result menu from the main navigation bar of this website.
  3. After that select HSC from the dropdown menu.
  4. Now please choose your education board.
  5. Then input your roll and registration number to the appropriate gap.
  6. And solve captcha challenge.
  7. After finishing all those task click on submit button to check your HSC result.

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Check HSC Result by SMS

Now we will describe the rules for viewing HSC results via SMS. Before that, let’s find out the reasons why students prefer to see HSC results through mobile messages.

There are several reasons to view the results via SMS. The first reason that needs to be mentioned is that it is possible to see the results in the shortest time.

The second reason is that no internet connection is required. The third reason is that there are no server errors. And the fourth and last reason is that the results of HSC exams can be seen very easily at low cost.

Two and a half taka charge is applicable for viewing results through SMS. You can see the results using the network of every mobile service provider in Bangladesh. The original balance must have a balance of more than two and a half taka. No SMS can be sent using Emergency Balance.

SMS Format of HSC Result 2022

Each board has different codes for viewing results. If you do not enter the code correctly, you will not be able to see the results. This time we will look at the SMS format of each education board.

Before that, let’s know the SMS format for viewing HSC results.

HSC (space) 1st 3 letters of board name (space) Roll (space) 2022

Example: HSC Dha 123567 2022

And the message will be delivered to 1622 to number.

Check HSC Result by App

In this age of information technology, everything is now being done through apps. There is specific software for each job. Everything from creating HSC exam number sheets to distribution of results will be solved through the application.

And each board of education has its own official application. Using which students will be able to download the results of their respective educational institutions.

There is also an app called Education Board Result for viewing results with marksheets. Which you can collect from the Google Play Store.

Now we will discuss how to check your results by downloading the app.

  1. At first you have to open your Google play store app.
  2. Then type Education Board result and click enter to search the app.
  3. Now you have to download and install the very first application from the search result page.
  4. After the app is completely downloaded you have to open it.
  5. From the app, select HSC result.
  6. Then select your education board name from the drop down menu.
  7. Now input your roll and registration number to the respected fields.
  8. And finally click on submit button to get your result checked by the app.

We hope successfully downloaded your HSC examination result by Android app.

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Dhaka Board

The results of Dhaka Board’s SSC examination will be published on December 31. Published results can be collected in a variety of ways.

Last year, the results of Dhaka Board’s HSC examination were published on July 14. The published results show that 87% of the candidates passed the Dhaka Board in that year with success.

The total number of candidates was 2 lakh 72 thousand 570. Of which 240320 passed. 2 lakh 60 thousand 325 people have participated in the HSC examination of 2022 in Dhaka Board.

Since 100% of the candidates will pass this year, all the candidates of Dhaka Board have passed. HSC Auto Pass results of Dhaka Board can be collected from our website.

The results can be downloaded from two different government websites besides our website. We will now discuss how to download Dhaka Board exam results very easily.

Rajshahi Board

Rajshahi Board had a total of 1 lakh 60 thousand 325 candidates for HSC examination last year. And the pass rate was 82%. This year one lakh ninety thousand candidates from Rajshahi Board have participated.

Once the results are published, it can be collected in various ways. Now we will explain in detail how you can easily download HSC exam results of Rajshahi Board using different mediums.

Chittagong Board

The Chittagong Board successfully took the HSC exam last year. But they could not take the test this year due to coronavirus lockdown. That is why the students of Chittagong Board were disappointed.

Later when the Ministry of Education announced that the results of the SSC examination would be announced without this year’s examination when the surge was noticed among them.

However, confusion spread among the students about how the results would be prepared. Eventually everything was done properly.

And the results of SSC examination held under Chittagong Board of Education are going to be published on 31st December. You can collect results in a variety of ways. Please read the following article carefully for details.

Comilla Board

The Comilla Board is rapidly advancing in the field of education. The steps taken by the Comilla Board to digitize the education system of the country are commendable.

Since its inception, the results of the Comilla Board have been very promising. Over the past few years, the Board of Education has achieved great success in HSC examinations. We can look at last year’s results.

One lakh twelve thousand 325 students from Comilla Board participated in the 2019 HSC examination. The number of successful candidates was 1 lakh 5 thousand. The pass rate was 92 percent. The 2022 SSC exam was not held due to corona virus.

However, the results of the HS examination of Comilla Board will be announced on December 31 on the basis of auto pass. Results can be collected using SMS Internet and mobile applications. A detailed discussion of each topic is given below.

Jessore Board

Jessore Board of Education’s 2022 SSC examination has been postponed due to unavoidable reasons.

The test was eventually canceled because the coronavirus condition did not improve. The government has taken several good steps to protect the future of millions of students.

The most notable of these is the issuance of certificates to students through auto passes. Jessore Board’s HSC Auto Pass results will be released on December 30. Results can be collected from various websites.

Education Board Result and Jessore Board Result along with marksheet can be downloaded for free from eboardresults.com website. Students will also be able to download their results via SMS.

Many people do not know how to check the results in a short time with the right rules. That is why we will now describe each subject in detail.

Dinajpur Board

The results of Dinajpur Board’s HSC examination will be released at 11 am. A press conference has been organized on the occasion. Hon’ble Prime Minister of Bangladesh will be present as the Chief Guest of the Conference.

Besides, dignitaries and officials of all education boards of Bangladesh will be present. It will be broadcast simultaneously across the country through television.

After the results are announced, it can be collected through the internet. Marksheets can also be downloaded by sending text messages from mobile phones.

Each way is described very nicely below. If you read carefully, you will understand how to collect the results of HSC examination of Dinajpur Board of Education in two minutes.

Sylhet Board

The Sylhet Board of Education was established a few years ago. However, the education system of Sylhet Board is improving very fast.

The Sylhet Board of Education is also moving ahead in tandem with other education boards in the country.

The results of HSC and equivalent examinations for 2022 will be announced soon. Once the results are announced, it can be collected through various means.

However, it cannot be collected from educational institutions like every year. Because all the educational institutions across the country are closed due to corona virus.

Therefore, only students can download the results of Sylhet Board of Education through internet. There are specific rules for downloading results.

You can download Sylhet Board HSC exam results in three ways. We will now briefly discuss each topic. Hopefully by reading this you can easily download your desired result with marksheet.

Barisal Board

Barisal Board of Education was established in 1999. Its head office is located in Barisal district. JSC SSC and HSC level education is regulated under this board.

The Barisal Board of Education organizes three big public examinations every year. Following this, the Barisal Board was to organize the SSC examination of 2022.

But no test was conducted in Bangladesh due to corona virus. That is why those who registered for the HSC exam will be passed automatically.

If you want to download the results of HSC Auto Pass Exam of Barisal Board of Education, then you have to read this article carefully. Is to be downloaded through the application.

Mymensingh Board

Mymensingh Board of Education is one of the most important boards in Bangladesh. Every year under Mymensingh Board, lakhs of students participate in HSC and equivalent examinations.

Most of the participants passed the HSC examination with distinction. The HSC exam was scheduled to be held in April this year. Mymensingh Board of Education could not take the exam due to unavoidable reasons.

Yet their HSC results will be announced on December 31 at 12 noon. If you want, you can learn from here how to download SSC exam results of Mymensingh Board of Education. Board’s HSC examination results with marksheet.

Madrasah Board

Madrasa Education Board was formed in the interest of propagating and spreading Islamic education in the country. Madrasa is working to spread education in the country. Alim is an important test in the madrasa education system.

Every year millions of students participate in the Alim examination held under the Madrasa Board. Examinations are held at fixed times every year. And the results were announced in mid-July.

On the day the results were announced, there was a festive mood in the country. Downloading HSC Alim exam results is very easy. You can visit the Madrasa Board of Education website to download the results.

The results of HSC Alim examination held under Madrasa Board can also be downloaded from the Education Board website. Read the article below carefully to know how to download the results.

Technical Board

The results of the HSC Vocational Examination held under the Board of Technical Education will be announced soon. About 2 lakh candidates from the Board of Technical Education have participated in the vocational examination this year.

However, it is very unfortunate that no test was held this year. You know there is no substitute for practical examination in technical education system.

Examinations are a must for a student’s merit assessment. But it was not possible to take the test this year for the unfortunate events in the country.

However, vocational results without examination will be announced. You can download vocational test results from our website. Please read the following text carefully to know.

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