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Dear students, you have just finished primary and entered the sixth grade. And at that moment the coronavirus came and caused a special disturbance in your reading and writing.

You have been under house arrest for about eight months. At this time you are lagging behind in education. The National Board of Education of the Government of Bangladesh is preparing to take a six-week school-based and subject-based assignment to revive education.

You are in big trouble. So we are working on solving the problem on our website. You will find constructive and thematic assignments here. I’m giving it to you for free.

You can download the assignments from our website. Below is the sixth grade assignment of Islam and Moral Education.

The word aqeedah is the plural of the word aqeedah. It means faith. Aqeedah is believing in Allah and His creation. Islam has some basic issues.

Such as belief in Allah, belief in angels, belief in books, belief in messengers, belief in the Hereafter, belief in destiny and belief in resurrection after death. Aqeedah is the way of life in the world.

The great God has said in Kalima Tayyiba “La ilaha illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah” meaning there is no god but Allah, Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the Messenger of Allah. That is, no deity other than Allah can be worshiped. There are adjectives of Allah.

They are called Asmaul Husna. As Allah is the owner, that is, the possessor. God is the sole owner of this vast world. GOD maintains them.

Only because of Allah Pak we are still alive and living beautifully. GOD is Omniscient. God created the earth. He knows everything about the world. The greatest God in the world is running.

Who is managing this vast world. Because of the misguidance of people in every age, Allah has sent the word of Allah through the Holy Prophet.

So that people can walk in the right path. By sending Allah among the various prophets and messengers in this way, He is bringing people to the path of guidance.

The three stages of the Hereafter are the grave, resurrection and resurrection. The deeds that man will do in the life of this world must be accounted for in the next life.

He will be rewarded for doing good and he will be punished for doing bad. So by believing in Aqeedah and morality, we will do good deeds in this world and will be rewarded in the next life.

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Dear students, assignments on various subjects are being submitted to your school every week. With the help of our website, you can present the assignments in a beautiful way without worrying about the assignments.

For you, the authors of our website have their skills who are constantly preparing assignments for each category of subject matter.

With the help of which you can easily submit the assignments to the teacher and get your desired number. Below is the assignment of seventh grade Hindu religion and moral education.

There is a Creator of the universe. He is one and unique. He is physical and formless.

However, it also has a physical form. Such as avatars, gods and goddesses etc. Creator means the one who creates. At the root of all creation is an infinite force. Everything is governed by infinite energy.

The one who manages everything is known as the creator. God has no shape. He is formless. But he can take shape any time he says his strength. His power can establish happiness and peace in this world.

When God Himself replaces the soul in the living being, He is called the living soul. When injustices increase in the world, various sinful deeds increase, then God descends on the earth in a powerful form.

Landing means coming down. That is, God came down to earth and established justice for the universe and helped all. So that all his creations can roam the earth equally.

When all this establishes itself in an organism, it is known as an organism. That is why Rabindranath Tagore said about the creature, “In the midst of that limit you play your melody, your expression in me is so sweet.” Just as God is formless, so He is incarnate.

He came down to earth and established his rights equally to his creation. He sees everyone at a glance. He subdues the wicked and observes decency.

He judges his creation so that it does not suffer and tries to make everyone happy by looking at everyone equally. So we will all be dead worshiping God together.

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