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HSC BM Assignment Answer 2021 All Subjects Solution has been published on our website. You can easily connect Higher Secondary certificate (HSC) Business Management (BM) assignment question solution for 2021.

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Subjectwise Assignment Question Solution: For helping the students of HSC BM we have subject wise published the assignment question solution. You can easily download the PDF file of all subjects from this website.

  1. HSC BM Human Resource Management
  2. HSC BM Business Enterprise Assignment
  3. HSC BM Finance Banking and Insurance
  4. HSC BM Production Planning Controlling and Casting
  5. HSC BM Secretarial Practices
  6. HSC BM Computer programming
  7. HSC BM Principles Marketing And Application 1
  8. HSC BM Business Organization and Management 1
  9. HSC BM Computer Office Application
  10. HSC BM Business Mathematics and Statistics
  11. HSC BM Bangla
  12. HSC BM English

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HSC BM Assignment Question Solution 2021 Bangla, English & All Subjects has been published on our website. All subject question solution for HSC BM (Business Management) assignment can be collected from our website.

Are you looking for all subject assignment question solution 2021? Then read this article carefully. Because in this article we are going to show you 100% accurate assignment question solution.

HSC BM Assignment 2021

Dear students, you are all now under house arrest. Everyone knows that you have been under house arrest for eight long months because of the Corona virus. But in 6 months your studies have now reached a deplorable state.

So for you, the National Board of Education of the Government of Bangladesh has taken a step to take a week-long assignment. You are worried about this. We have come up with solutions to all your problems.

You can download the solution of your various problems from our website for free and present it in the test. And you can get your desired number. We publish regular thematic assignments on our website. So stay with us.

HSC BM Assignment Question Answer 2021 All Subjects

The main theme of the first chapter of Islam and moral education is Tauhid. Tauhid means monotheism. That is to believe in one word of Allah.

If he does not believe in Allah, the One and Only, he will lose faith and will not be recognized as a Muslim. Their faith is proclaimed by believing that God is one and unique in the soul.

So the importance of Tauhid for a Muslim is very, very important in his Islamic life. Those who do not believe in the Oneness of God, the words given by God and the deeds given by God, are called infidels.

The deeds of a disbeliever are called kufr. A person loses his religion by disbelief. Therefore, one must have faith in Allah and a person’s faith can be saved by following his prohibitions properly.

Again, there are many people who take Allah Ta’ala to the same level as any other subject. It is shirk to compare Allah with any other object. Shirk is a great sin.

God is one and unique, that is, nothing can be compared to God by believing in Him. In faith, one has to believe in the seven things of Mufassal.

That is, belief in God, belief in angels, belief in books, belief in messengers, belief in the Hereafter, belief in destiny, and belief in resurrection after death. Allaah has sent various information through the Prophets throughout the ages. This information is being sent to Risalat.

The main purpose of sending a prophet is to guide the human race in the right path. Guidance has reached the people through the Prophets and shown them the right path. So that a man can be guided in the right path.

So we have to believe in Allah the Almighty as we believe in the present life and in the Hereafter after death. He has to act accordingly but it is possible to give the correct identity of a Muslim

HSC BM Assignment Question Answer 2021

Due to the global pandemic coronavirus, every school education system is now at a standstill. Therefore, arrangements have been made for each school assignment.

Regular assignments are being offered on our website to solve various problems of assignments and it is completely free.

Dear students can easily download from our website which we think will be very useful for you. Below is the ninth grade Islam and Moral Education assignment.

HSC BM English Assignment Answer 2021

HSC BM Assignment Answer All Subjects 2021

The second chapter of your book is very important worship. An integral part of every Muslim’s life. There are many types of worship.

Such as praying, fasting in the month of Ramadan, paying zakat, performing Hajj, etc. As a Muslim, everyone has to pray five times.

Because Islam says that prayer is the key to heaven. The month of Ramadan is actually a physically healthy person if he does not fast then he will be considered a very sinful person.

If a person has sufficient wealth and it is suitable for paying Zakat, then he must pay Zakat as the right of the poor. Giving zakat does not reduce life and property but increases the amount of wealth.

In addition to worship in Islam, there are other acts of worship that are as important in our social life as they are in Islam.

For example, owner-worker relationship 7 An employer will never look down on his worker. He will see his worker as his brother. And he has to pay his dues before his sweat dries.

Similarly, the workers should perform the work of their employer well. In the education system, the qualities of a teacher should be like a friend.

He has to explain it to his students as easily as possible and check if the students understand. Similarly, the student should listen carefully to the teacher and participate in the class with the teacher.

If anyone hurts Islam, then jihad must be declared for Islam. If it causes death, then jihad must be done. Because the insult of religion can never be accepted by a true Muslim.

Education and ethics must be transparent. The relationship between the teacher and the student should be the same as the relationship with everyone in the external environment.

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