NU Honours 1st Year Admission Circular 2023 PDF Download

Admission notification for first year students of National University will be available on our website. Reading this admission notification will provide detailed information about the admission process of honors first year students. Even after that our website has beautiful information about the admission process and what to do for the students. As a result, if a student reads this post carefully, he will get a detailed idea about the admission process and he will be able to complete the admission process on his own. So, let’s not exaggerate, we know the important information about the admission process.

The National University’s admission process for the first year students graduating in the 2020 21 academic year states that the admission process for students will start from 4 pm on July 28. From this day students will be able to process their admission online by experienced people following hygiene rules. Since the admission process is an important subject literature do not work the admission process with inexperienced people.

Because if any kind of wrong information and spelling mistake comes in the admission process then you are able to cancel the admission process later. However, if there is a mistake in the admission process later, there will be an opportunity to correct it. However, it has to be done while the admission process is going on.

The admission process for the National University will end on August 14 at 12 noon. So those of you who are willing to be admitted should complete all the work of the admission process at the beginning of the scheduled time. Below is a detailed discussion of what it takes to complete the admission process and what kind of qualifications are required.

Students who have passed SSC examination from any educated board in 2017-18 academic year and HSC examination from recognized board in 2019 academic year will be able to participate in the admission process. In addition, students with a minimum GPA of 2.5 in the humanities department will be able to apply for admission online.

Moreover, all the students who have studied in the business education department are required to have a GPA of 3.0. You will be able to participate in the application process if the mentioned GPA is departmental. However, the higher the student GPA, the higher the priority for admission.

For admission in the National University, you have to enter the official website i.e. and go to the menu and select apply now. The next page that will come in front of you will have to fill in the personal information as well as the institutional information on that page.

That means your SSC and HSC roll number, registration, board name and a mobile phone number you are currently registered with. The notification states that all the information of the student will be updated in the form of SMS to the number that you will provide later. So you have to be careful in using mobile numbers.

In addition, if any kind of information seems wrong while filling the application form, you can enter the website of the National University and correct the information by following the specific rules. In this case you can change all the information using Tierx ID. Moreover, if you apply with wrong information, the application will be rejected. Once the admission process is completed, the students will be sent to the National University by preparing a separate merit-based college.

From there the admission of students will be finalized. So complete the online admission process by paying a certain amount of money within the stipulated time. And the next job is at the National University and your preferred college. Later, when the National University publishes information about the results of the students, we will inform you through our website. If you do not understand any information related to the admission process, please let us know in the comment box on our website.