Guccho Vorti Porikkha Question Solution 2021

Guccho Vorti Porikkha 2021 is going to be held in Bangladesh for academic session 2020-21. Combined University Admission test has been introduced to arrange examination for university.

The official form of this integrated University admission test is GST Admission. The full form of this is General Science Technology (GST).

20 universities has come to contact to arrange their admission test in this GST system. This system is quite different from previous years admission test.

In this article we are going to talk about Guccho Vorti Porikkha latest updates of exam date, subjects, University list and Manbonton. By reading this article you will get official information about this latest Admission Test system for 20 universities in Bangladesh.

GST A Unit Question Solution 2021 Science Group

Guccho Vorti Porikkha 2021 Date

Dates have been set for the integrated admission test in 20 public universities in Bangladesh. This information has been given in a notification announced by the Ministry of Education. The important dates for the bunch admission test are as follows.

  • Application Starts on 1st April (Thursday) 2021.
  • Application Ends on 15th April (Thursday) 2021.
  • Eligible Candidates List on 23rd April (Friday) 2021.
  • Final Application Starts on 24th April (Saturday) 2021.
  • Final Application Ends on 20th May (Thursday) 2021.
  • Admit Card from 1st June (Tuesday) 2021 to 10th June (Thursday) 2021.
  • Final Written Exam Dates are 19th June (Saturday) 2021, 26th June (Saturday) 2021 & 3rd July (Saturday) 2021.

GST University Admission Official Website

Guccho Vorti Porikkha Result 2020-21

Notification for Integrated University Admission Test has been announced. Detailed information has been inserted in the notification. The important dates for the application are mentioned very clearly.

A list of qualifications required to apply online has also been published. Detailed description of how much or how to pay the application fee has been given in the published circular.

Apply Now Online

Many of you want to download the circular in PDF format. I have collected it from the official website. Admission notices published in national dailies have also been added to our website.

You can easily collect it in PDF or picture format if you want. Click to download the published notification.

Official Notice for GST Admission 2020-21

Details of GST Admission System 2021

Guccho Vorti Porikkha 2021 Subjects

This time the admission test is held on the same subjects on which it is held every year. The distribution of admission tests has been revealed. From there you can see what you need to take part in the admission test.

A Unit Science Group

Language – Bangla, English



Math/Biology/ICT (Any of Two)

B Unit Business Group

Language – Bangla, English


Business Organization and Management


C Unit Humanities Group




Guccho Vorti Porikkha 2021 University List

There are numerous universities in Bangladesh. Each university has a different constitution.

Therefore, each university did not agree to the integrated admission test. For example we can talk about Rajshahi or Dhaka University. They will take admission test separately.

A total of 20 universities have agreed to conduct admission test in cluster system. Let’s see which universities will have integrated admission test.

Guccho Vorti Porikkha 2021 Manbonton

Science Group Mark Distribution

  1. Physics: 20
  2. Chemistry: 20
  3. English: 10
  4. Bangla: 10
  5. ICT: 20

For elective subjects (any one of two):

  1. Biology: 20
  2. Mathematics: 20

Humanities Group Mark Distribution

  1. Bangla: 40
  2. English: 35
  3. ICT: 25

Commerce Group Mark Distribution

  1. Accounting: 25
  2. Business Organization and Management: 25
  3. Language (Bangla + English): (13+12) = 25
  4. ICT: 25

Guccho Vorti Porikkha 2021 Latest News Update

In order to get latest update about combined admission system please follow the link below.