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GST is a system of taking admission test in batches. In other words, it is a joint venture of twenty renowned universities of the country and the University of Technology and Science. Through this a student will get the opportunity to study in the university of his choice based on his results through an application.

Students have been nominated for final application based on SSC and HSC GPA on the basis of the application which was started for that purpose. Dear Visitors, Our website has published the results for those who have survived the initial application of GST.


GST Admission 2022-23

In other words, the results that were supposed to be released after the initial application of GST have been published today. If you are interested to know the results of GST, you can see these results from our website in a very easy way.

Admission test is held separately for each university in Bangladesh at different times of the year. However, GST has taken steps to ensure that the examinations of the students of the 2022-23 academic year will be held in the last government. According to the rules of GST, students will apply in two ways.

In other words, many students have applied with the GPA that can be applied separately to the students of the science department of the humanities and commerce departments. Those whose GPA is satisfactory and whose merit is at the top have survived the initial application and have been nominated for the final application.

GST Admission org bd

If you are a close relative or if you have made an initial application for GST admission, check the results. Also make sure that you have been nominated for the final application. If you have been nominated, I wish you all the best and prepare for the final application.

As a result of GST admission, a student has to go to different parts of the country to participate in the examination. Students will prepare for the final exam if the initial application survives through an application. Students must apply for the final exam. So students will apply for the final exam online by filling in the correct information for the final application that has to be made after the initial application.

GST Admission Exam Result 2023

All the guidelines for applying for the final exam can be found on our website. So it is important to make sure that you have been nominated for the primary application before the final application.

The initial application for GST admission was supposed to start on April 1 and end on April 15, but this time limit was later extended. As a result, many students, i.e. those who did not get a chance to apply, get a chance. Now GST has prepared a merit list based on the GPA obtained by the students from SSC and HSC. Merit:

গুচ্ছ পদ্ধতিতে ভর্তি পরীক্ষা রেজাল্ট

Students who will not participate in the application process for the final application will be excluded from the list and students will be given the opportunity from the next merit order. Moreover, for the final examination, students will be able to make a choice based on the results obtained according to their position. Basically you can find different types of information related to GST on our website and we will let you know.

GST Admisstion Test Result 2023 PDF

So without further ado, by providing the roll number on our website, you can see the results of the initial application for GST in an accurate way. If you are not worried about this then you can see the preliminary results and work for the final application later. Above all, all the candidates who have obtained a fair GPA in SSC and HSC, I wish them to be included in the GST primary selection list.

Guccho Admission Result

Moreover, if you want, you can provide the roll number of the initial selection list of GST, i.e. you can know whether you have been nominated from our website. Next, you will be able to see all kinds of GST information updates from our website.

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GST Admission Result 2023 GST Result 2023 PDF

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