Today GST Question Solution 2021 B Unit Answer Download Link

Today GST Question Solution 2023 B Unit Answer Download Link

The solution of GST Graduation First Year Admission Test is given on our website. Candidates who have participated in the admission test of different units of the country from all over Bangladesh will be able to see the solution of the question accurately from our website. First of all, after the completion of the test, we prepare the solution of this question by experienced teachers and arrange for you to visit.

At the end of the test, many test takers want to see the answers to the questions and remove the confusion that is inside them. That is why solutions are being posted regularly on our website by taking this action. So go to the bottom of our website to get the solution of GST Admission Test Questions 2023.

GST Question Solution 2023

Bunch admission test was first introduced in 2023. A total of 20 general universities and science and technology universities of Bangladesh have come together to form a committee to take the exams. They then published an admission notice for admission in 2023.

According to the admission notification, several lakh candidates from all over Bangladesh completed the initial application. After completion of the initial application they are nominated for final application on the basis of SSC and HSC GPA.

Candidates who are nominated for the final application apply for the final exam online with a certain amount of examination fee. Once the application is completed they start preparing to participate in the exam on the scheduled day. Accordingly, the examination of this unit was held on October 17, 2023.

GST B Unit Question Solution 2023

According to the examination, the admission test of B unit was held on 24th October. Usually after completing the test, the curiosity of each examinee to know the answer to the prescribed question increases. Moreover, many candidates become confused when it comes to the test.



To clear up their confusion, our website provides solutions to each part of the problem. If you have participated in the B unit admission test, you can definitely find the solution to this question from our website. Because the admission test of the unit was held on 24th October, we collected the question papers after the test and solved it and uploaded it on our website for you. Note that the total number of seats in the bunch admission test in 2023 is about 22 thousand.

Right Answer of GST B unit MCQ Written Exam 2023

For each seat, 10 candidates will participate in the examination. However, 67 thousand students participated in today’s B unit admission test. Since it is a batch test, this test is taken in a total of 26 test centers in Bangladesh. Each test taker attends the serial test center in compliance with proper hygiene rules and participates in the scheduled one hour test.

In the exam, they answer question number 40 for Bengali subject, answer question number number above English subject and answer question number 25 for ICT subject. Moreover, if you make a mistake, the number will be deducted from the correct number. So you can see the solution of bunch admission test questions from our website and understand how many marks you can get by counting the numbers.